2023 NFL Mock Draft: Will Leavis goes No. 1 to Texas as part of the outstanding QB class, with 7 in Round 1

Kentucky • Junior • 6 feet 3 inches / 232 lbs

Levis feels like the midfielder who could ultimately be the #1 choice overall. It’s large, chiseled, has an arm rocket and can scramble. The Texans will likely be in the middle market in a big way outside of next season.

Georgia • Soph • 6’3″ / 310 lbs

Carter was Georgia’s best defensive player in 2021. No joke. He is an elite athlete with long arms and amazing passing ability.

Ohio State • Father • 6’3″ / 218 lbs

Stroud is a player who is highly talented in his arm and accuracy. He is the perfect player to lead a new era in Lions football.

Miami (FL) • Soph • 6’5″ / 316 lbs

It is not currently expected that Nelson will rise that far, but first-round traits have appeared quite often in his Miami career. This choice assumes he took a massive step consistently in 2022.

ALABAMA • Will • 6’0″ / 194 lbs

The Giants move on from Daniel Jones and land on Young, the ultra-balanced and functionally athletic quarterback.

ALABAMA • Will • 6’4″ / 243 lbs

Anderson has looked like a Top 10 future pick since his first season in Alabama. It would be a huge place for the bears here.

Miami (FL) • Father • 6’4″ / 224 lbs

Van Dyck has a gun to his arm and the mindset of a gunslinger. Panthers should address your quarterback early. No doubt about it.

Clemson Will • 6’5″ / 275 lbs

Murphy was a massive recruit for Dabo Swinney who was hugely productive in his first two seasons at Clemson.

Oregon • Sr • 6’3″ / 251 lbs

Sewell got the family genes in spades. He looks like the number one full-back off the ball in the 2023 class.

ALABAMA • Will • 6’2″ / 195 lbs

Rex made the unusual move from LSU to Alabama ready for the massive 2022 campaign, thus moving him into the top ten.

Northwestern • Soft • 6’4″ / 294 lbs

Skoronsky has held a top spot with Rashaun Slater since graduating in the left tackle area. He plays with bad behavior and has the quick quality of a big guy.

South Carolina • Soph • 6’1″ / 187 lbs

Smith is a tall, annoying corner guy from the SEC with classy attributes. The shifters have to handle the corner case.

Georgia • France • 6’5″ / 248 lbs

Gilbert is actually a narrow end but it moves like a pretty terrible receiver. The top half of the first round has been written above it.

Ohio State • Soph • 6’6″ / 315 lbs

The Eagles love to invest in the offensive front and are doing it again with Johnson, one of the few cornerbacks who are having first-round buzz now.

LSU • Soph • 6’0″ / 190 lbs

Boutee has been on the radar of the first round for a season now, and the Vikings have to plan ahead at the pickup point.

Notre Dame • 6’4″ / 251 lbs

Meyer gives me great feelings of the patriot in the movie. He wears no gloves, grabs everything, and is a smooth worker in the space.

NC State • Soph • 6’1″ / 212 lbs

Leary has the game management tools that Mike McDaniel seems to be drawn to in the upcoming season.

Notre Dame • 6’1″ / 192 lbs

Joseph would probably be a day two pick had he entered the 2022 class. He should upload the stat sheet on Northwestern’s defense in 2022 and go down in the first round. The Cardinals need another playmaker besides Budda Baker in high school.

Maryland • SAR • 6’3″ / 217 lbs

Demus is a big game waiting to happen, especially on throws made on the football field. The Titans should start thinking about the future of their scrolling game.

TN • Jr. • 6’6 inches / 335 lbs

Wright is the huge masher that Colts usually like in their offensive line.

TCU • Soph • 6’4″ / 201 lbs

Johnston is big and explosive, which is exactly what the Ravens could use in their reception room. He was paired sweetly with Rachod Bateman.

Pittsburgh • Will • 6’0″ / 175 lbs

The Bengals are adding more blast to their parlour with a collection of their little guns to get new contracts in the not too distant future.

Notre Dame • 6’5″ / 260 lbs

Foske stood out in the Notre Dame defense in 2021. He’s taking part in a big tournament in 2022 and has the attributes of the first round and refinement.

Texas A&M • Soph • 6’3 “/ 200 lbs

Antonio Johnson was giving the Cowboys a guarantee of quality and depth in the corner spot.

Boston College • Jr • 5’10 inches / 177 lbs

Flowers are a polished road runner and dynamo after hunting, and they have a deceptively long speed. It would be a fun addition to Justin Herbert’s crime.

Louisville • Jr • 6’1″ / 200 lbs

Surprise! Cunningham has a vibrant sportsmanship and a lively arm. With Louisville having a big big season, he could be showing up on the first round radar.

Washington • Soph • 6’4″ / 260 lbs

Tupula-Fetui has struggled with injuries for the past few years in Washington. When he’s healthy, he’s incredibly powerful with a dangerous quarterback blast and quality handwork. Dolphins should add to the scrolling dash.

Kansas State • Soft • 6’3″ / 255 lbs

Anudike was a smash ball on the edge of the Kansas State defense line in 2021, and his explosive/curving talent will propel him into the first round.

Florida • Sr • 6’4″ / 236 lbs

Who knows what the future holds for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay? Richardson’s upside is too puzzling to convey here.

Texas • Soph • 6’0″ / 214 lbs

Robinson is a Saquon Barkley esque running back, which leads him to the first round.

Clemson Will • 6’3″ / 225 lbs

At 6-foot-2, 230 pounds with a serious range and energetic playing style, Simpson feels like a first-round midfielder in the movie who can also speed up a passerby.

Alabama • Jr • 6’1″ / 210 lbs

Billing should start planning ahead in the security location and do it here with Battle.

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