5-Star QB Updates As of 2023 Recruitment

There are three five-star QBs left in the College Football Recruitment category for 2023 and here’s the latest post including a new captain for Arch Manning.

As we head into the 2023 college football recruitment quarter, we are still about seven months away from National Early Signing Day in December.

A lot can and will happen in college football recruits now and then. The only thing that should happen at some point in that time period is a commitment from five-star quarterback Arch Manning.

There are three five-star quarterbacks who have yet to commit themselves in the 2023 class. Arch Manning is the most famous and most likely 2023 sports car in the world according to the 247 Sports Compound Rankings, as well as the On3.com Consensus Ratings.

However, Dante Moore is another five-star talent still available, such as Jaden Rashada, a five-star bypass from California who is also seeing a sharp rise in recruitment in recent weeks.

In general, midfielders make their decisions before the season and that will be my expectation with Manning, Moore and Rashad. So where do things stand? We detailed the latest buzz with every five-star QB remaining in the 2023 College Football Recruitment category.

Arch Manning has a new leader

The Arch Manning sweepstakes were great to watch and he’s been making visits all spring. There was even a surprise at one point when he made an unexpected trip to Virginia, leading us to explore that as a real possibility.

While the Mannings have ties to the University of Virginia, it’s hard to see Arch actually go there and after touring Texas, Alabama, and Georgia, there’s a new leader – Longhorns who has a 38% chance of landing. Compliance according to the On3.com rating machine.

Alabama was the leader according to the prediction machine not too long ago, with the Bulldog in third place. Steve Sarkissian has built a solid relationship with Manning since his days at Bama and it’s now paying off for Texas, though the prediction machine still doesn’t give any team a better than 50 percent chance.

Jaden Rashadeh to visit Ole Miss

Rashada still has a fairly open recruitment process at the moment but that may change this weekend as he was expected to visit Oregon and instead go to Ole Miss.

Ole Miss soccer was the leader according to prediction machine On3.com, but Oregon State is gaining momentum along with Miami, which recently hosted Rashada. The Ducks now have a 51 percent chance of winning the recruit, followed by the Kans (28 percent) and Ole Miss (9).

Oregon is playing Spring Game this weekend and Rashad was supposed to visit, but now he’s going to Ole Miss and the Rebels need to take advantage.

The Ducks are also interested in Dante Moore and have also made an official visit this coming weekend, which may play a role with Rashad. Who do you know?

Moore is still a favorite to go to Notre Dame according to the On3.com prediction machine but LSU, Miami, Michigan and Oregon are all in the mix.

Oregon and Miami are the only schools partnering with Moore and Rashada at the moment, but Oregon is looking for a better place for Rashada. At least that was until this news of his visit to the Ole Miss, which might cause the prediciton machine to flip again.

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