Body of Scottish football writers sorry ‘next-level’ sexist jokes prompt quitting | football

A body representing football writers in Scotland has apologized after the speaker’s jokes about sexism and misogyny prompted attendees to withdraw from the annual awards ceremony.

The backlash to the notes at Sunday’s Scottish Writers Association event, which also saw Sir Alex Ferguson receive a lifetime achievement award, led to the body pledging to review its form.

Gabriella Bennett, co-chair of Women in Scottish Press, told BBC Radio Scotland: “I am really enjoying the event, but there are always uncolored jokes by the speakers … sexist or misogynist. But last night’s speech was really… Next level I came out about five minutes after a maybe 20-minute speech.

“I stood up at my table to leave, and I saw Eileen Barbour and the people at her table start to leave. But there were a lot of people laughing at these jokes. We were at two tables in a huge room and a lot of people found it really funny, so there’s a lot of work we still need to do It is used to really change people’s opinions of what is acceptable.

“I’m no longer shocked or surprised by this kind of offensive remarks masquerading as banter… but I am upset — by normalizing this kind of thing, minimizing these kind of remarks… It’s incredibly cunning. It’s harmful. Really for women trying to be respected. It allows men to talk to women a certain way in a professional setting.”

Broadcaster Barbour, who has directed coverage of numerous sports for BBC, Sky Sports and Amazon Prime Video, tweeted: “I’ve never felt more unwelcome in the industry I work in than sitting at the Scottish Football Writers Awards. A great reminder that there is still So much for us to do to make our game an equal place #callitout # equal. “

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In a statement, the Scottish Football Writers Association said it “apologizes to anyone who has been offended or upset by material from a speaker after dinner”.

“We have unanimously agreed that this will serve as an incentive to review and improve the format of our future events to make it an enjoyable and inspiring event for all,” the statement added.

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