Chad Johnson casts shadow over Steelers with anticipating North Asia

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  • Chad Johnson revealed his North Asian predictions for the 2022 NFL season
  • Pittsburgh Steelers fans weren’t happy with the order
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It’s the NFL offseason, otherwise known as the talking season.

Summer Calm brings us a number of pre-season predictions that range from Super Bowl winners to divisional predictions to MVP nominees, and more. We even watch the NFL picks in April 2023.

Conversations will revolve around what used to be very crowded outside, as star players find new homes for next year. This is no more evident than at AFC North.

We’ve got a couple of new call-to-starters, one of whom will replace the Hall of Famer in the future.

Mitchell Trubesky will take over after Ben Roethlisberger retires. That’s definitely news, but the major deal for the division and the league was Cleveland’s historic contract with Deshaun Watson.

The $230 million deal may have ruffled the feathers around the NFL, but it would certainly give Browns a viable midfield option. That is, if he is able to play this year.

Watson still has more than 20 sexual misconduct cases pending in civil court.

Next, you have the AFC champions Cincinnati and the Baltimore Ravens, who are both looking to sign Lamar Jackson on a long-term deal.

The Bengals and Ravens seem to be the first, with Browns in the conversation depending on how Watson’s situation develops. He could let the Steelers on the outside look inside.

But Pittsburgh has a knack for hyper-performance, and it far exceeded expectations in 2021.

Pittsburgh often exceeds expectations when picking near the bottom of the AFC North . predictions

He has overtaken the Steelers every year for the past two years. In 2020, they started 11-0 before finishing 12-4. Last year, they went 10-7 to finish second in the division behind the Bengals.

Both years were participants in the play-off.

Since taking over at Pittsburgh, Mike Tomlin has never finished below .500, even when he was expected to have work outside the year. The Steelers made postseason in 10 of 15 seasons with Tomlin at the helm.

They never finished fourth in the North Asia region. Since the NFL moved to 32 teams in 2002, Pittsburgh’s worst finish has been a third place finish, which has happened only four times in 20 seasons.

But one former foe thinks this is the year Tomlin & Co. fell into the vault of arrangement.

Chad Johnson picks Steelers to finish fourth in AFC North Prediction

Chad Johnson, a former wide of the Bengals, picked the Steelers to finish fourth in North Asia.

His old team picked Cincinnati to win the division with the Ravens and Browns finishing 2 and 3. Pittsburgh rounded out the standings in last place.

We’ll see if Johnson’s predictions come true. If not, you can be sure Steeler Nation will let him hear it.

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