Charles Barkley suggests fighting fans after the Chris Paul incident

Charles Barkley has suggested a quick solution to “put an end” to inappropriate fan behavior in the wake of the incident involving Chris Paul’s family after Phoenix’s 111-101 loss to Dallas at American Airlines Center Sunday afternoon.

“We can just put an end to all of this stuff,” Barkley said on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” while discussing the situation. “Some of the things these fans are saying. Let’s take it straight to the Central Court for five minutes. I’ve always said that.”

Paul became furious on the sidelines after a fan allegedly harassed and petted his mother, Robin and wife Jada, during the Mother’s Day match.

“Just give me five minutes in District Court with him,” Barkley said. “You won’t press any charges. Nobody is going to sue a civilian. Say what you just said to me straight to my face for these five minutes. I’m hitting your ass. I’m beating the hell out of you. I’ll take my time. .

Shaquille O’Neal laughed and said, “I hear you foreman. Charles Foreman.”

In a video clip during the incident, Paul can be heard telling the concerned fan, “I’ll see you later.”

After Dallas tied the semi-finals of the semi-final series of the Western Conference with a score of 2-2, Paul chirp“I want good players to say things to the fans but the fans can get their hands on our families…f-k that!!”

Chris Paul shouts at a fan who allegedly harassed his family.
Chris Paul leads to the basket in the Suns' Game 4 loss to the Mavericks.
Chris Paul leads to the basket in the Suns’ Game 4 loss to the Mavericks.
NBAE via Getty Images

The Mavericks released a statement notifying that they were aware of the incident and said, “It was unacceptable behavior and would not be tolerated. The Mavericks, along with American Airlines Center, swiftly removed the fan from (Sunday)’s match.”

Paul’s family, including his two children and two children, watched the match in nearby seats behind the Suns seat at American Airlines Center, according to ESPN — which reported that his mother put her hands up and pushed his wife.

Paul’s children reportedly witnessed the alleged incident, and that the family “felt very insecure”.

It was a tough night for Paul everywhere. Base missed the game with 8:58 left in the fourth quarter. He was limited to five points in 23 minutes.

Phoenix hosts Dallas for the fifth game Tuesday.

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