Commissioners plead with Congress over insanity NIL

Neil has college football in utter chaos

Things have changed quickly since Clemson football coach Dabo Sweeney spoke out against the NIL and risked being dumb when everyone was saying all was well.

Sweeney (and others) apparently did the impossible, that is, make Securities and Exchange Commission Commissioner Greg Sankey and PAC 12 Commissioner George Klyavkov on the same team as the pair of odd companions went to Congress to lobby for Zero Tolerance Regulation.

“I appreciate today’s opportunity for dialogue and dialogue with members of Congress,” SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey said in a statement Thursday night. “As we have observed the emergence of activity very different from the original ideas about name, image and similarity, it is important that we continue to pursue the national NIL structure to support the thousands of opportunities available to young people through intercollegiate athletics programs across the country.”

According to Stuart Mandel, the sport is in complete disarray at the moment:

Stuart Mandel, Editor-in-Chief of College Football: The world of college sports is in utter chaos right now due to the lack of regulation around the NIL. There is little confidence that the NCAA can accomplish anything on its own.

Gee, who could have seen this coming? Dabo is for one person, but at least he’s not alone these days, as he was when he was originally asked, apparently 75 times.

The bad news is that it could get worse in the future.

Now the threat posed by the potential future employer and employee model is gaining traction. Sanky and Klyavkov will undoubtedly try to paint a picture of the senators That it would take federal regulation to maintain some semblance of traditional college sports.

Change was required, but rules are a must

I’m fine if you call me old and naive, college sports have been about money for a long time. I get it and realize that a change is needed.

But one coach in North Carolina State warned us of unintended consequences when changes are implemented without thoughtful deliberation and any semblance of structure and not paid attention to until others speak up.

I believe that children should be able to convey and make use of their name, image, and likeness, but without rules and regulations, the worst instincts of human beings would appear as happened in this case.

The sport we love is changing, some say for better and some say for worse. I’m old enough to be around to make other changes that would have ruined the game, yet it’s still there.

I hope it will still stand when this carousel stops.

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