Dallas stars drown in Edmonton oil fields again 5-2

Just when I thought the Dallas Stars were coming back to this game in the second period, Edmonton had other plans. The Dallas Stars lose to the Edmonton Oilers 5-2 as they conclude the season’s streak against them. The Superstars streak announced themselves tonight due to the attack but the rest of the squad were on vacation. Here’s what happened in Edmonton when the Dallas wrapped up their season streak against the Oilers.

Dallas Stars vs Edmonton Oilers: First Period Recap

43 seconds into the bout Radek Vaxa was testing Mike Smith early, and he was going to ring the disc with a glove. Evander Kane scored the first goal of the match after slipping past Scott Wedgwood.

Ryan Nugent Hopkins will get a shot at Wedgwood as soon as he enters the area and Wedgwood deflects it away. Derek Ryan will score a drift off the post to make it 2-0 for the Oilers. Esa Lindell will go to the penalty area to grab it to give the Oilers their first strongman in the game.

Leon Draisaitl was shooting one at Wedgwood in the Force Play and it would save him. The Superstars will kill the Power of Play and the Oilers will be 0-1 in the Power Play. The Superstars will continue to play the power of many snowboarders on the ice.

Denis Guryanov will have a good shot on Mike Smith and will turn it to the side. Tyler Seguin will get the same opportunity and Smith will deny him too. The power game will be over and the stars will be 0-1.

Jason Robertson finally got the stars on the board with a laser slapper to cut Euler’s lead to 1. With the assist on goal, John Klingberg will have the 300th assist of his career. A great milestone for any player in this league.

Just the thing the stars needed to stay in the game. The stars were dragging their goalkeeper as they did 2 weeks ago 4 seconds ago in an attempt to score a goal at the last second.

Oilers leads the stars 2-1 After the first half, Oilers leads with shots on goal 19-14. Thanks to Robertson, the stars were able to cut the difference to 1 to keep them in the game. You have to be more aggressive in attack in front of Smith.

Dallas Stars vs Edmonton Oilers: Round Two

Issa Lendl will start the period in favor of the stars by firing a shot at Smith and she will miss the net. Jamie Benn was working his way through the Oilers defense and losing control of the disc before attempting a shot.

Roope Hintz was tying things up at 2 after Mike Smith lost his disc sight. The stars completely changed the momentum of this match after Hintz’s goal. The stars show us what the definition of “firm not quit” is. It’s very quiet in Rodger’s Place Arena now.

Joe Pavlesky nearly scored to give the top streak all the goals in this match, but Smith would have cashed it all away. Alexander Radulov almost caught Smith grabbing the ball behind the net but Radulov would have been late a second time in blocking the ball to score an easy goal.

Wedgwood will make an amazing salvage as many oilers will try to get past it. It’s amazing it’s not a 3-2 oiler now. Zach Heyman scored in a Wedgwood swerve to make it 3-2 to the Oilers late in the second half.

Heyman was trying to score his second goal of the period with a backhand but Wedgwood would hide it and hold it. Jesse Puljujarvi scored late in the second half to give the Oilers a 4-2 lead.

The Oilers will take a 4-2 lead in the game’s final break. The Oilers team leads with shots on goal 40-25. When I thought the stars were back in this game, Edmonton brought the game back on. The stars need to pray in the third if they want to win this game.

Dallas Stars vs Edmonton Oilers: Third Period Recap

The Superstars will spend their entire first shift from the third period in their region. Hyman nearly scored his second goal of the match but Wedgwood distracted her. The stars cannot prepare to attack in Euler’s territory and this hurts their chances of coming back. Klingberg sent one temp at the net and Mike Smith would tackle and take out the Oilers.

In the middle of the last period of the game, the Oilers are in complete control of this game keeping the disc at the time of killing the star zone. A nurse darnell caused a commotion in the arena when he checked Jimmy Bean hard into Euler’s seat.

Stars use the dump and chase method to try to get back into the game and it doesn’t work. The stars would pull their goalkeeper 3 minutes before the end of the match to try to score a goal. Joe Pavelski will have the best chance but Mike Smith will save another reel against the stars. Conor McDavid scored the free-goal to make it 5-2 to the Oilers.

The stars fall to the Oilers on the road with a score of 5-2. The Superstars’ next game will be tomorrow night at 8:30 as they wrap up their final game on the road this season against the Calgary Flames.

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