Dallas Stars Wild Card Center undergoes Final Night Wild Ride

The Dallas Stars defeated the Anaheim Ducks, 4-2, in regulation, and the Nashville Predators lost an unimaginable game to the Arizona Coyotes, 5-4. This locks stars into the first wild card spot. The Predators at the second Wild Card spot in the Western Conference. Both games were weird in their own way, but the Dallas stars have faced a new goalkeeper every once in a while, including EBUG, who is known as the emergency reserve goalkeeper. Winning his first wild card spot now puts the Superstars against the Calgary Flames in the first round.

The story of Dallas Stars Wild Card is undergoing final development

Dallas players, coaching staff and fans were all set to play the Colorado Avalanche but in a massive turn of events and with the help of the Arizona Coyotes, the Stars managed to overtake the Predator by one point in the final games of the season. Both teams. The Predators led 4-1 in the first half and the Coyotes scored five goals without a response to end their season with a comeback win. The stars finished the season with 98 points and scored 46-30-6. This is their highest season since the 2015-16 season when they finished the season with 109 points.

The first round of practice on stars and flames

The Superstars will meet again with the flames in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs for the second time in three years. In 2020, the stars beat the flames in six matches in a colossal upset. After Calgary took over the first game in the series with a 3-2 victory, the second game was a game back-to-back for both teams. flames forward Matthew Tkachuk They both took a big hit Jimmy Ben And Jimmy Oleksiak At the same time; Tkachuk will not return to play for the remainder of the series. Stars Guardian Number One, Ben Bishopwould play this game but would not play for the remainder of the series due to injury, leaving the goalkeeper’s duties to support the goalkeeper. Anton Khadobin. The Dallas Stars won Game Two 5-4.

look back

The Flames would take the third game in a 2-0 win. However, the stars soon dominated the series in Game Four as they won in overtime 5-4. straight ahead Joe Pavlesky He earned a hat-trick, which would be his first hat-trick in a All-Star Playoff series since 1993. Dallas also claimed Game Five with a 2-1 win and only needed one more win to advance to the next round. Dallas came to play in the last game of the series, winning 7-3. Denis Guryanov He will score four goals in this match, including a hat-trick in the second half.

These numbers set Guryanov tied with the all-star record for the most points in a playoff with five points. The Dallas Stars would move on to the next series and eventually reach the Stanley Cup Final, where they lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Stars and Flames both missed out on the playoffs last year.

life experience

Stars vs Ducks was nothing short of extraordinary, as Anaheim had to use a new goalkeeper every so often. goalkeeper ducks John GibsonHe was knocked out of the match after the first half with an upper body injury. In the absence of goalkeeper Gibson Anthony Carpenter He interfered, and allowed two goals, before exiting the match with a lower body injury.

Since Anaheim was out of goalkeeping, they needed to use the Dallas Stars backup goalkeeper in an emergency, Thomas Hodges. Hodges saved two out of three saves, allowing one target to veer off his temporary teammate, Andre Sister, giving it a savings rate of 0.667%. Even Hodges denied it Rob Hintz On one timer of the circuit. The reserve goalkeeper was named the third star of the game and earned props from both teams after the match.

Hodge wallpaper

Hodges is 28 years old from Shropshire, England and moved to Texas when he was 11 due to his father’s work. After moving to Texas, Hodges fell in love with the sport of hockey. He dreamed of playing in the NHL, only to be cut short when a facial puck caused him to lose all vision in his left eye.

Hodges sells life insurance daily and it’s an EBUG for Americans, as well as superstars. The goalkeeper has not played much above 18 on a very competitive level. However, he has been the EBUG of the stars since 2019. Prior to his NHL debut in last night’s game, he had previously appeared in ECHL with the Allen Americans. Hodges told interviewees at the post-match media conference that he trains with the stars when someone needs a break. However, Hodges hasn’t trained with them much lately, due to COVID player safety precautions.

With a whirlwind of changes in the last 24 hours of hockey, the stars are looking to recreate that winning streak from the 2020 playoff bubble tour. It will be the first time they return to the playoffs since their heartbreaking loss in the Stanley Cup Final. The first game will be in Calgary on Tuesday.

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