Delphi Technology Corp won the 2021 Canadian Startup Business Award

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WINNIPEG, Manitoba – Delphi Technology Corp is honored to be awarded with the prestigious award CanadaSME Startup Business of the Year Award (Small and Medium Enterprises) Business Journal. The award was presented Friday, May 6 in a virtual ceremony for Delphi founders, Alan Tay and Mike Bogaars. This national award is given to startups that have shown great promise through their growth and successful business strategy.

“While being a pilot at the core of our business, first serving in the Air Force of the Republic of Singapore, there has always been a part of me driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation,” said Alan Tay. Artificial and augmented reality simulation. ”

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Delphi Technology Corp is disrupting the industry with a virtual training platform focused on broad competency-based training, starting with the aerospace and aerospace industries as a starting point for the company. To address labor shortages and insufficient training capacity requirements, Delphi’s product, VR City™, is a metaverse-level training campus featuring adaptive learning powered by artificial intelligence, providing training anywhere in the world. With high accessibility at a lower cost barrier, VR City can be used to its fullest potential to produce interactive, accessible and affordable courses for students.

Delphi Technology Corp.’s growth is due in large part to collaborations with a variety of aerospace organizations including:

  • Manitoba Aerospace Expand the Aerospace and Aviation Manitoba (AAiM) event into a week-long format, providing introductory aviation and space STEM models to over 800 students across the province including northern communities.
  • Manitoba education Create STEM programs for grades 6-9, validate and test aircraft maintenance and manufacturing guidance program modules with students from Tec-Voc High School.
  • Flying in Alberta A non-profit organization, Delphi has helped expand options for aviation enthusiasts with its unbiased, AI-based adaptive learning platform.
  • University of Alberta and University of Manitoba – Development of the virtual platform that combines an online ground school and a 3D simulator with the possibility of real-time assessment, which is especially useful during a pandemic.
  • Springbank Air Training College (Calgary) Provide supplemental ab-initio pilot training for professional flight programmes. Students who complete the VR City Private Pilot License course receive a letter of recommendation to sit for the Transport Canada Private Pilot Licensing written exam.
  • Careers: Next Generation (Alberta Corporation) – Delphi has provided paid work experience and academic credit to high school students as they prepare for tech jobs in the province.
  • Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII) – Validation and proof of concept by Delphi Tech for integrating AI into a virtual reality city. Delphi replaces a flight instructor with artificial intelligence to assess pilot performance during a flight simulation.

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Delphi Technology Corp provides adaptive virtual training tools that cater to students’ different learning styles. VR City provides a virtual learning environment for children, disability, and gender-sensitive, making it accessible to students of all backgrounds. In addition, VR City is positioned as a major educational tool in the metaverse environment.

The CanadianSME Business Awards are designed to recognize and celebrate the contribution that small business owners make to the Canadian economy. The Business Awards represent excellence and achievement for entrepreneurs as they recognize and validate all the hard work they have put into achieving a successful business. Awards also represent many opportunities for companies, including increasing their credibility to investors and clients.

Delphi Technology Corp. previously won the Sustainability Impact Corporate Performance Award for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) on August 21, 2021 for excellence in practices related to the United Nations Development Program for Sustainability.

About Delphi Technology
Founded in 2020, Delphi Technology Corp. is leading the digital transformation of adaptive training with virtual and augmented methods, starting with the aerospace industries. With VR City, users participate in self-learning experiences and solutions in the Metaverse environment.

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