‘Ditch the chips, wine, and tequila, LeBron James, get off your couch’: Bayless hilariously skips grilling Lakers star, tells him to work on Free Throws instead

FS1 Analyst Skip Bayless mocks LeBron James and happily responds to his Ruffles bag, advises he should go to the gym instead

The NBA Postseason is in full swing, and we’re halfway through the conference semi-finals. So far, the playoffs have been exciting but they were definitely lacking in the star factor. With Kevin Durant and LeBron James out, it’s been hard for Stephen Curry to fill the star’s void alone.

Kevin Durant is in Europe, he goes to the Europa League matches, and he’s partying hard. LeBron James is back in Los Angeles after his trip to the Maldives and Dubai. From the looks of it, King is well rested, and back in the gym, gearing up for Year 20. He’s also home in time to enjoy the big games, ready to explore changes in the Lakers’ roster.

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With LBJ out of the playoffs, Skip Bayless had a hard time defining his loyalties to his haters. He was trying to go after every star, but no one brought him the success that King did.

Skip Bayless decided to roast LeBron James on a Ruffles ad

Skip Bayless has LeBron James withdrawn. His need to hate LBJ is what keeps him going every day, and it shows. Today, he posted a tweet stalking King, calling him LeGone for no good reason.

Turns out this “analyst” was answering a question asked by LBJ in an advertisement for a new Ruffles flavor, nearly 3 months ago.

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Well, just because Skip hasn’t missed his one hour workout a day for about 24 years doesn’t mean he can tell King how to take care of his body. LeBron actually spends a lot and puts in a lot of effort to stay in top shape.

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