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Let’s stay limited in perspective: Philadelphia, as a theatrical comeback, is a hot story. common story. Joel Embiid, from his first two games, returned to change this playoff series against the Miami Heat in the last two games.

James Harden was getting older and fat before our eyes before scoring 31 points in Philadelphia’s Game 4 victory on Sunday night. Philadelphia could be the first team, “in their acclaimed history,” as the TNT broadcast said over and over, who came back from a 0-2 deficit to win a series.

So it’s a hot story in the way that if you put your ear to the ground, you can feel some vibrations in the distance, a deep and horrific momentum sound.

“Do you know how quickly that can change?” Heat coach Eric Spoelstra said.

Well, he was talking about shooting back his wayward players with three points, not about the streak. But the two are linked.

“We have a lot of flammable guys,” he said.

Tyler Hero, Gabe Vincent, Duncan Robinson…

“We see a couple coming down, that could turn into four, five, six” – he flicked – “so.”

Want perspective? It’s not found in intangible assets or in the past two Philadelphia wins. It’s there in the building numbers. The Heat fired 21.5 percent from 3-pointers in their last two games in Philadelphia after hitting 35.4 percent at home in their first two games.

Philadelphia was the opposite. They hit 21.9 percent with three throws in their first two games in Miami and 48.5 percent in their home games.

So it’s a 2-2 series with an edge over Heat. Such an advantage can be measured since Embiid missed both games in Miami. But since the NBA’s regular season is as irrelevant as it sounds, that’s why the Heat chased that top seed in the playoffs with such difficulty.

For that extra home game in the series. This is one game. Maybe that’s the difference here, too. This is the perspective to hold in a series that has become as difficult and tense as expected.

The Heat were in trouble via Sunday’s loss. Pam Adebayo and PJ Tucker were in trouble. Kyle Lowry’s rebellious hamstring again acted in a way that suggested he wouldn’t be a factor in the series.

The Heat were short of the big men, with Markieff Morris making his debut in this playoff and a shot by Embiid swinging Morris as far as the ball.

The talented volume is Hit Kryptonite. Milwaukee showed it’s final playoffs. Embiid will try again in what have become the best two out of three series.

But despite all of the Heat’s troubles on Sunday night, they were there to steal the match. Some of this is the normal course of an NBA game. Some of it is Hit’s enduring ability to never stop, too.

Jimmy Butler was a big part of it, too. He had 40 points. Keep coming back to Philadelphia whenever the game seems to be over.

“We were knocking on the door,” said Spoilstra. “I just felt in the last five minutes that they had quite a few possessions that went down in (the shot clock) and they made some big shots. We were defending for 24secs, 23secs, 22secs – and they hit a big hit.”

Does Harden have another game like this with Embiid back? Can Butler carry the heat back up like this, if necessary?

“There is little margin for error on both sides,” Spoelstra said.

The accepted rule in the NBA is home yard matters for players. Well, other than Butler for the Heat and Embiid for Philadelphia, they all play a part at this point. Even Adebayo and Harden introduced themselves as such.

Great regular season stories like Max Strus and Gabe Vincent have been carried over to almost as many fans as this series. Victor Oladipo gained importance just because talent matters the deeper you go into the playoffs.

Duncan Robinson? Does his three-point shot put him off the bench in Siberia? Heat seat deeper than Philadelphia. But the Philadelphia seat was more productive on Sunday, 19 points to 15.

“I want to get into the movie and see what’s real and what’s emotional,” Spoilstra said.

“We’re far from playing our best basketball, that’s an encouraging thing,” Embiid said.

Perspective has not been lost due to the last two matches. It’s a three-match series with Heat at home for two, if necessary. Pressing Philadelphia is still as popular as the story is.

The Heat needs some of those combustible players mentioned by Spoelstra to flare up in Game Five on Tuesday, but now everything changes in one night. or player. or a shot. Or that being ranked number one would seem irrelevant as other teams have dealt with it.


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