Fiorentina vs Roma: Match Preview

Roma’s victory over Leicester City was a momentous occasion for almost everyone associated with the club. The Giallorossi will fight for a trophy at the end of May, an event not so long ago; Assuming that Friedkins does not pull out Spurs and fires Jose Mourinho just before the final, the Special One will get a chance to prove that it still has what it takes to succeed at the highest levels of European football, and the Friedkins themselves will show that their new ownership has a better chance of achieving sustainable success for Roma than the groups Other modern property.

We have a lot of waiting before the Champions League final, however, and the next match is another pivotal match for Roma. Italian Serie A Consider this season. I’m a lobby Fiorentina is set to face Fiorentina on Monday in a match that will have major repercussions for European venues outside the Champions League. If Roma lose, their chances of qualifying for Europe through the league will be incredibly slim, while a Fiorentina win would put them on a par with Roma on points. The open question (which I will address later) is how much Mourinho has rotated for this match, as booking a ticket to Albania seems to have taken a lot from the usual starting eleven. It would be a statement of intent if the Giallorossi could get three points from the house with a rotating line-up; It will also be an excellent opportunity for some players to show that they deserve to stay with the club for the long term.

last match

August 22, 2021: Roma 3 – Fiorentina 1

This was a very interesting match to watch. The first game of the season was a relief for the Gilorossi, as Fiorentina lost with a goal from Henrikh Mkhitaryan, a double from Jordan Veritot, and two passes from Tammy Abraham. If you’re keen on seeing an actual shade roller, look no further than Eldor Shumorodov’s great help; At the start of the season he really looked like he could be a staple of Roma’s attack, and I’m still trying to figure out exactly what happened there.

Here’s what we said in post-match glory:

This match had it all: effective possession, superb bonding play through the middle, one-on-one moments of brilliance, consistent goalkeeping, a stifling defense and even some entertaining theatrical performances from Mourinho on the touchline. The remaining 37 games in the league won’t go quite smoothly, but you can already see the seeds Mourinho sowed over the summer. From solid defense to quick transfers to strikers to wide strikers who stretch and pull the defense as they please, Roma looked exciting tonight.

There have been some ups and downs over the course of the season, but I would argue that analysis is still valid. The fact that it gives me a lot of hope in the long term for Roma, both with Mourinho and as a team in general.

What to watch

Redemption for Felix?

Photo by Antonita Baldassar/Insidefoto/LightRocket via Getty Images

Just as superstar Eldor Shumorodov has waned dramatically over the course of the season, Felix Avena Gyan has gone from one of the most intriguing attacking prospects in European football to a player who always seems to be out of his depth in the top flight. This happens a lot with Primavera players jumping in, so it’s not really a cause for concern; We know Afena-Gyan has the boots to become a consistent goalscorer, but it looks like Serie A’s defenses have simply set him up for now.

Despite that poor level, it certainly looks as though Mourinho’s planned tournaments for this match will include giving Afena-Gyan another start. Although I think the Ghanaian striker is almost certain to be out on loan to a smaller Serie A side (say, Sassuolo?) next season, the final few days of the match could prove to be a crucial opportunity for him to make sure he is wherever he is. he was playing. Next season, he gets consistent minutes and a safer shot to get back into the Roma starting line-up. There is a lot to like about Afena-Gyan, and it has a billion stories that anyone with a heart would love to hear. Let’s just hope his form can catch up with his story in terms of intrigue and awesomeness in the near future.

Can Buff get another shot?

Training Course AS Rome

Photo by Fabio Rossi/AS Roma via Getty Images

Another player who could take a loan from a small Serie A side this summer is midfielder Eduardo Bove. Buff has been impressed by the limited minutes he has spent with the first team this season, to the point that Mourinho considered the Italian under-21 team an essential part of his midfield rotation for next season. If that doesn’t work out, it’s easy to see Buff go on loan as his friend Riccardo Calaviori is trying to find steady minutes.

With news of both Brian Cristante and Sergio Oliveira losing after a tough win over Leicester City on Thursday, I expect to see some serious midfield rotation in the match against Fiorentina. I’m sure Buff has more chance of staying with Roma next season than Avena Jian, but still – a good performance against a big team like Fiorentina can do wonders for Bove’s stock as a possibility. Jordan Veritot certainly doesn’t look like long for Capitoline Hill, and if he plays the right way as the season draws to a close, Eduardo Bove could become the next Roman to carve his name into Rome’s history.

Watching the table is the name of the game

Lazio - Sampdoria - Italian League

Photo by Matteo Ciambelli/vi/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

As the season draws to a close, observing the table is almost as important as watching the actual matches, especially for clubs like Roma desperate to qualify for Europe. The fifth-eighth stalemate includes Lazio, Roma, Atalanta and Fiorentina, all of whom could run for a place in the Europa League (or not qualify for Europe at all) depending on how the final few weeks of the campaign change. The Giallorossi are lucky enough to still have a chance of securing a spot in the Europa League by winning the Europa League, but a good league performance (and some luck) in the next few weeks could make it to the Europa League through the Europa League. Just a formality.

Personally, I hope that is the case. I just do not Always I want to do better than Lazio in the league standings, I think it is very important for Roma that they both get a good league standings. And A prize to be added to the treasury this season. We have all seen what Jose Mourinho’s Employment Stadium can do to improve the chances of this club; Tammy Abraham would not be in Rome without Mourinho, and one has to imagine that Mourinho and Thiago Pinto will be looking for more top players this summer to boost the team’s prospects of qualifying for the Champions League. He showed that even with a limited squad, Mourinho could win a title and that fifth in the league would go to great lengths to convince players like Ryan Gravenburch that a move to Roma is the next best step in their careers. This will be what makes Roma a regular in the Champions League again, even more than the UEFA Champions League football awards or the cup itself.

Three more league games, three more wins. Let’s make it happen.

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