How similar is it to the OG Omega skin?

The OG Omega skin is back in Fortnite in Chapter 3 of Season Two as Omega Knight. Players can purchase the Omega Knight Level Up Quest Pack for 1,200 V-Bucks in the Item Shop before the season ends.

As the name of the package suggests, the appearance of the Omega Knight can be upgraded when players complete certain tasks that require them to collect higher-level tokens from the map.

Every week, developers will release seven new missions and completing them will unlock new cosmetics and modes.

Here’s a review of the new Omega Knight skin in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

Is Omega Knight skin worth in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 1200 V-Bucks?

The original Omega Skin was the first progressive skin in the Battle Pass. Players can unlock new stages that add certain features and lights to the skin.

In contrast, the Omega Knight skin looks like a fully upgraded version of the Omega with a giant crown. For many players, a large helmet can be a problem because it makes the skin bulky and easy for opponents to spot.

However, in terms of appearance, the Omega Knight is actually better than the Omega. The attention to detail is impressive and there are many unique elements in the new leather such as the aggressive head and shoulder rivets. The shield is also more lustrous.

Aurum Eques mode cannot be unlocked yet as players have to complete 28 missions for it. The Omega Knight’s armor and gear will turn gold in this style and it looks like it’s worth the effort.

Golden skins in Fortnite have always been seen as valuable and rare. To name a few, they include Golden Peely and Midsummer Midas.

Here are all the locations for each week of Level Up Tokens in the upcoming Omega Knight Level Up Pack. The number next to the week determines which week it will be for VIA Tweet embed

Fortnite Omega Knight Level Up Quest Pack Rewards Revealed

Completing each Level Up mission will award Episodes one level, which means they can get 28 levels of Battle Pass while upgrading the Omega Knight. Cosmetic rewards for weekly quests are:

  • week 1: The torment of the knight’s back is Bling
  • Week 2: Knight’s torment ax
  • the third week: gold night (golden) style for The torment of the knight’s back is Bling and the ax
  • fourth week: gold night (golden) style for omega night outfit

Only week one quests are available at the moment and Loopers will have to wait a week to get new cosmetics and styles.

The Omega was released in Chapter 1 of Season 4 as a Level 100 Battle Pass reward. It’s no surprise that only a handful of players got their hands on it, and even fewer could get promoted.

Thus, the Omega Knight skin is a great opportunity for new Fortnite players who want to own an OG skin. Also, looks like a steal at 1200 V-Bucks even if upgrade rewards aren’t taken into account.

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