‘Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry & Clay Thompson’: Bob McAdoo reveals which players he thinks are most similar to his

According to Bob McAdoo, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Clay Thompson are the players whose games most resemble his.

Bob McAdoo He is easily one of the most recognizable stars in league history. The 6-foot-9 forward, who shot the ball with ease when it wasn’t common to see big men firing in, had a pretty deep offensive arsenal back in his day. Mac was shocking disdain for the NBA 50y Anniversary of a team as he was the only MVP and scoring champion left for the prestigious team.

Being a 5-time All-Star, 3-time Scoring Champion, ROTY, MVP, and 2-time NBA Champion, Bob is listed in the NBA 75y The anniversary team was somewhat of a guarantee. Speaking for himself, Bob said:

“They know they got it wrong in their early 50s,” McAdoo said. “But I still don’t feel respected, because people don’t know the whole story.”

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Many fans believe that McAdoo, due to his superb shot, could have been one of the most successful players in today’s era. And when asked which modern player game he liked the most, Bob picked Kevin Durant with some shocking choices.

Bob McAdoo names the three players whose games are similar to the way he used to play

In Q&A Interview With the NBA, Bob named players he thought had a game very similar to his. Hall-Of-Famer inquired why he was chosen Kevin DurantAnd Stephen CurryAnd Klay Thompson.

s: What is the current All-Star game most similar to the way you used to play?

Bob: “Kevin Durant all day. Nobody affects his shot at all. Every time he gets up and shoots, you think it’s going to be good. He and Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson – that’s what people used to say about me. “Every time she stood up, we thought it was good.” I was the first jumper to win the field goal championship. I got the painting at home. I won it in jumping shots.

Bill Russell, a 10-time champion at the time, said I was the best shooter he had ever seen. Coming from him, that means something.”

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When asked to describe his game, the 14-year-old NBA veteran explained:

“I was a scorer, I was an excellent scorer. I tried to get every rebound and block anything close to the basket, I did my best to be an all-around player.”

This is very similar to Kevin Durant, but it is very confusing for the legend to choose The Splash Brothers.

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