Lauren Burnett’s suicide calls for the softball world to work on mental health

Less than 24 hours before the biggest streak of the season for her team kicks off, Patti Jasu slipped into a quiet room in her house and clicked to open the Zoom link.

She wasn’t talking about strategy with assistants or watching a movie about opponents.

She was serving as a committee member on mental health in athletics.

OU hosted the webinar called “Coaches + Mental Health: Creating Mentally Good Spaces in College Athletics”. It was administered by people from the Office of Psychological Resources in the Sports Department.

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Season canceled:JMU Soft Team cancels remainder of season after death of Lauren Burnett

But it was Jasu who pushed him for it.

“I was shaken,” said the European University softball coach. “I was shaken, and I thought, What if I was the coach on the other side? What can I do for this coach? Do they need help? Do they get help?”

“There are a lot of questions I have.”

With so many focused on what happens inside the lines at Marita Hynes Field during the Bedlam Series, many in the college softball world focus on what’s going on in the hearts and minds of players across the country. The suicide of James Madison hunter Lauren Burnett sparked the sport. Last season, she was part of the Dukes’ magical race to the College World Series, capturing superstar Odicci Alexander, but this season, Burnett has had her own success.

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