NASCAR driver Kyle Larson reacts to an insensitive tweet from Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin and Kyle Larson commented after a tweet that led to allergy training

At the Talladega Superspeedway, Kyle Larson was heading to win the race on the last lap. At the same time, Kurt Bosch was marching to the same win.

Kurt Bosch jumped off the line in an outward move. Moments later, Larson also got off the line in an attempt to catch a draft bump from Bosch to push him across the line and with the leading interior car.

However, the ban from Larson was too late. Kurt Busch was already in Larson’s right shin. So, they both crashed.

When Kurt Busch bounced off the wall, the field littered. Bush’s classmate, Bubba Wallace, was also rounded up in the accident. Two 23XI Racing machines tore apart, a few hundred feet from the finish line.

A day after the race, Hamlin posted a meme video relating to the accident. The clip was from the Family Guy TV show where an Asian driver was hacking into traffic.

The audio from the clip is, “How much signal do I need to cut 8 lanes? Nobody? Turning now. Good luck everyone.”

Kyle Larson is Asian. However, Hamlin himself didn’t put this piece of the puzzle together until after he posted the tweet. It was deleted a few hours later and an apology followed.

NASCAR asked Hamlin to start sensitivity training before the race weekend in Dover.

NASCAR delegates allergy training to Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin’s Comments

Denny Hamlin reacts after the NASCAR Xfinity 500 Cup Series at Martinsville Speedway on October 31, 2021 in Martinsville, Virginia. (Photo by Logan Riley/Getty Images)

“It was mostly positive. My reaction to the negative was that they didn’t understand what I was doing there, just put up a joke,” Denny Hamlin told Bob Pokras.

For the joke, Hamlin was asked to attend allergy training, before the end of the week.

“I respect their decision, and I understand where they are with it. I did my own sensitivity training, and did it on my own when I started this race team. I went with the best in the country and spent time with them.”

“I understand everything. I just don’t think this falls into that category.”

Hamlin is friends with Kyle Larson.

“Yes, we did talk. But, I will keep those conversations private.”

“I saw the link in driving. That was it. I didn’t even think twice about the other one [Asian] The part, which is the insensitive part.”

“Someone gave it to me. I thought it was silly. Also, insensitive. I understand how some people can find it offensive. If it was one, one would be too much.”

Hamlin is one of the most vocal drivers on Twitter. Will this incident change that?

“It’s definitely not encouraging in that aspect. But, I’ll always be me. It won’t always be the most popular thing. But, I am what I am.”

“I always want to be a better person. A better father, a team owner, a driver. I always drive to try to be better. That’s why I did this intense training, on my own, years ago.”

“It worked the way it was done,” Hamlin concluded. “Sure, I’m putting myself in a bad place.”

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Comments by Kyle Larson

NASCAR driver Kyle Larson
Kyle Larson waves to fans in the garage area during practice for the 64th Annual NASCAR Cup Series for the Daytona 500 Cup at Daytona International Speedway on February 15, 2022 in Daytona Beach, Florida. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

“I think NASCAR did what they had to do,” Larson stated.

“I appreciate my religion following the steps to learn from that. It is clearly just poor judgment on his part.”

“Being in the situation we’re in. You have to be very careful what you put out to the audience.”

“I know he will learn a lot over the next couple of weeks. I think we are all ready to get through it.”

Off the track, Larson and Hamlin are good friends.

“I wasn’t affected by that personally, you know, because he’s my friend. But, I know and I think he knows now how there are millions of other people out there that a tweet like that could offend.”

“No hard feelings from me. After you put something in there, you will realize how offensive it can be.”

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