NASCAR selects fan engagement platform, Pickup, to help accelerate automotive content gaming strategy |

Pick to include context-related props across content categories including editing, video and audio to enhance NASCAR’s direct relationship with its highly engaged fan base.

100,000+ selections with 67% click-through rate through SMS campaigns for fictional and NASCAR content

BrooklynAnd May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Fan interaction platform, Pickstoday that NASCAR The company chose to accelerate its motorsports content gaming strategy. PickUp will use its content creation platform to embed contextually relevant props across NASCAR content including editorial, video, audio, and on-site activation. The platform is designed to build a community of highly engaged fans who can be retargeted via SMS with highly relevant offers and content based on their location.

PickUp engages the average fan through sports betting and then transforms that audience into a community of ardent fans who can be re-engaged via targeted two-way SMS campaigns. The company’s technology turns sports moments, conversations, breaking news and headlines into interactive questions and distributes these questions across owned media channels where fans are able to choose and win prizes. PickUp provides the ability to understand what fans are interested in, where they are and how to have a face-to-face conversation with them at a 1:1 level.

Realizing that building a community around their brand leads to greater loyalty with fans, sports media companies, leagues and teams, they partnered with PickUp to develop two-way interaction with a broad audience of casual fans looking to engage with their favorite sports. PickUp technology and a dedicated support team allow partners to monetize their content, gain insights into fan sentiment, and create direct conversations with their fans.

PickUp will collaborate with NASCAR to create customized content that runs across their platforms, design and implement attractive SMS strategies, and distribute NASCAR-approved marketing offers such as VIP Race Passes. PickUp dates back to February, and has been embedded into content over several NASCAR race weekends Resulting in over 100,000 fan pickswith projected growth continuing as NASCAR also introduces PickUp-adjacent betting features to its highly engaged fan base.

“NASCAR’s fan base is one of the most engaged, informed, and active communities in the world,” he says. Dan HealyPickUp CEO. “As more people learn about the sport each week, the PickUp platform is here to help them interact with the drivers they follow, and the events they watch. We are excited about the opportunity to be a part of the growth of this amazing sport.”

PickUp has secured partnerships with leading brands in sports media including United States of America Today Sports, DraftKings, BetMGM, FloSports and MMAJunkie as well as other distributors including Comcast and Xfinity. The company recently announced an extended initial funding round for 3 million dollars The investment, which included partners KB, Drive By DraftKings and Connetic Ventures along with SuRo Capital, Critical Mass Capital and Lloyd Danzig’s Sharp Alpha Advisors.

To learn more about how PickUp can help you create deeper fan engagement by making your content interactive, text PickUp to 31032.

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