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Bullish Bears WR philos jones He’ll be 25 when the junior season begins, however he sees it as a good thing rather than a bad thing.

“It’s a benefit because I’m coming in with maturity,” Jones said, via “I’m all about my job. I was young, but now that I’m grown up, I realize what’s at stake. This is the best job in the world. Like I said before, they get a grown man who doesn’t care much about partying, and he’s ready to carve out a role in this.” The team to help us win matches. Sure, my mind is tight to the right. They definitely get a grown man all about his work and he will help this team in any way they can.”

  • bear OC Luke Jitsi On what he wants to see from QB Justin Fields During training camps:There is a lot. We’re working through this thing step by step. In order to master our craft, we must be able to master every step. We are on the right track. I think, if anything, it’s advanced” (Courtney Cronin)
  • Getsy on what he’s already seen from Fields this off-season: “I was so impressed by him. I really am. No one in this building works harder than him. No one cares more than him. We are off to a great start. He really accepted the challenge.” (Kevin Fishbein)


  • Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breeze reports that Black has drafted the Georgia DL Travon Walker if Aidan Hutchinson He first generally went to Jaguar cars: “Had the Jaguars taken Aidan Hutchinson with their first overall pick, I’m told the Lions’ pick in 2 would have been Georgia Travon Walker’s edge. There is no word on whether or not the card will enter as quickly as it did with Hutchinson.”


The Packers have a definite type when it comes to crafting offensive lines and it’s the type that’s been a huge hit for them. Green Bay likes to take players who played interference style in college even if they didn’t plan for the position in the pros. Sportsmanship translates to no matter where they play, and the added bonus is that they have someone who can play as soon as possible. 3rd round OL Sean Ryan He fits this mold, although he’s not ready to give up describing himself as just a fix just yet.

“I put a film of three years into processing,” Ryan said via Athletic player Matt Schneidman. “I’ve had some very good D ends, I’d say, and hold myself up. I think they think I can do it in the league. I’ll play wherever it suits me and wherever I slip. I’m ready to play in both guard and tackle, and we’ll see when the season starts.” Where I play. I’m very agile. I’ve had good hand position, which is sometimes better than big arms because hand position wins and corners win, especially on the O line. I think that’s why I’ve been efficient and will continue to be effective.”

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