OL Braxton Jones takes on earning the starting role: take someone’s job

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As the Chicago Bears continued their mini camp over the weekend, more players met with the media. The Bears picked 168th place No. 1 Braxton Jones as their offensive lineman in the NFL Draft. The 300-pound Longitude has the strength and aggressive style that bears desperately need.

“Everyone is trying to take someone’s job. You can’t come in and act like you already know everything. I treat the playbook like a newbie and try to master the little things.”

Braxton Jones upon coming to the Chicago Bears as a rookie.

Braxton Jones is ready to compete for a major role with the Chicago Bears

Obviously, not every newbie will earn a key role in their teams. Some players are recruited into wide open holes but this is a new Chicago Bears system. GM Ryan Bowles knows for the first time that more bodies in the field, especially with the offensive line, is critical to success.

The Bears don’t have to start all of their junior offensive linemen in 2022. But having the ability to rotate men in and out of a cycle is very beneficial and can help them stay healthy. Braxton Jones knows this and is willing to put in the work to succeed:

“I think the most important thing is to be adaptable. It is very important that your coach knows that you understand.”

Braxton Jones on performance up front.

Braxton Jones is a smart player. He knows what it takes to earn his role and is willing to do the work. He studies the playbook hard and learns terms that are different in the NFL than in college.

Jones is well aware that Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles is a former offensive lineman. He noticed the type of shipworkers the Poles were after and they all had similar traits. They have similar body types and can all move quickly and perform plays. Braxton-Jones mentioned that it’s exciting to be a part of something where the Poles are clearly visible.

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