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31 minutes Sheffield Wednesday is frustrated with everything, but especially some of the refereeing decisions. To be honest, I think the referee is playing a good game.

30 minutes Joshua Reynolds wrote: “I support black cats because I love the name Linden Goch.” Like ‘Solly March’ and ‘Max Power’, the name makes me happy to see it on the team sheet.”


for fear
Sensing the impending arrival of Mac Millings XI.

28 minutes Bannan was booked for a tacakle rush at Pritchard. He can’t have any complaints.

Correction: He should not have a complaint.

27 minutes No shots on goal yet.

26 minutes Johnson’s very deep cross found his fellow centre-back Hunt, who mistook an admittedly powerful shot across the goal. The ball bounces off some players and bounces wide.

25 minutes Pritchard’s free kick from a header free kick over the bar by Bath, a decent effort under pressure. He needed a little gentler walk to get some speed off the ball.

24 minutes The referee broke the seal and booked Byers for a cynical foul on Clark.

22 minutes “I’ve been missing out on a little bit of what’s been going on with these clubs lately,” Matt Doni says. “Isn’t Louise Dreyfus in charge at Sunderland? Both big clubs, so many clichés, yada yada, I’m happy to see one of them progress.”

Fans will love and pile your patter.

20 minutes Patterson mishandled the ball forward and awarded a cheap corner kick for Wednesday. He swung past the distant post and nodded to Storey, who was unable to get a clean connection due to Wright’s presence. Excellent defense.

19 minutes Wednesday’s fans were unhappy with how long Sunderland had taken extra kicks and goal kicks.

Now O’Nien fell after an off-ball incident with Windass. I think Winds purposely stood on his toe, though not even with the strength to send Onian to the board. Judgment has a word and leaves it at that.

17 minutes Bannan plays a nice convincing pass to Windass, whose on-turn shot is nicely saved by Batth. It stifles the follow-up as well, and the ball eventually falls behind to a corner kick.

14 minutes Banan’s high ball is too heavy for Wendas, who has made a good run of Dean (I think). “Barry!” Darren Moore shouts on the sidelines; For a player with Banan’s quality, it wasn’t a particularly difficult pass.

11 minutes On Wednesday he started entering the game. After good play from Luongo on the left, Gregory’s snapvolley was well blocked by Wright.

7 minutes The first promising attack on Wednesday. A dangerous cross pass by Marvin Johnson from the left was half blocked by Wright at the near post and dribbled to Patterson.

7 minutes The referee considers booking Serkin for a late tackle on Byers, then decides not to break the seal too early in the game.

6 minutes Sunderland really dominates possession, although so far everything has been in front of Wednesday’s defence. Alex Neal would be really happy with their start.

4 minutes It was a confident start for Sunderland, who clearly came to play.

2 minutes “Wait a minute, Rob,” Alex Mac says. “These two teams just broke the record for the highest attendance (combined) ever in a League One semi-final. Surely there is something in the cliché of the ‘sleeping giant’?!”

Oh, I’m not denying that these two clubs are huge, it’s the cliched part I’ve been trying to avoid. We have a cliched share, you see, so I try not to waste any of it before the big game kicks off. Ach, this one’s down.

1 minute The match is on! We’re having technical issues, which is pretty massive, but hopefully they’ll be resolved soon.

One for Sheffield Wednesday fans

I recently received a copy of Gareth Platt’s book When the Giant Moves, which is about the (mostly) golden period Wednesday between 1976 and 1993. The central characters. If you’re of a certain age and a certain mask, I’m sure it will appeal.

On that note, could any Sunderland fan recommend a book about the Peter Reed years? Is there one? I know there are great feelings but I want to read the whole story, especially the second period in the Premier League. I interviewed Niall Quinn a few years ago and he spoke with such passion about that period, both on and off the field.

difference reminder

Sheffield Wednesday (3-5-2) Peacock Farrell. Storey, Dean, Hutchinson; Hunt, Byers; Longo, Bannan, Johnson; Wends, Gregory.
Alternatives: Wildsmith, Palmer, Dunkley, Mendez-Laing, Paterson, Berahino, Kamberi.

Sunderland (4-2-3-1) Patterson. Gotch, Wright; Pat, Sirkin; Evans, Onian; Roberts, Pritchard, Clark; Stewart.
Alternatives: Hoffmann, Doyle, Embleton, Broadhead, Neil, Matete, Hume.

to rule James Lenington.

“Hello from Boston,” John Hillebrand says: Are there away goals in tonight’s play-off?

No, so if Sheffield Wednesday wins 8-7 it will go into overtime.

Darren Moore’s thoughts before the match

“[Will we see a different Wednesday from the first leg?] I think we should. It was a tough game there but we are at home and we had a good two days. i brought jack [Hunt] and josh [Windass] To rev it up a bit – Jack has been great and Josh is going to give them something different to think about with his move.

“We are really proud of our record at home and want to continue in that vein, but we know we will be at our best against a very good team.”

Team news

Darren Moore, Sheffield Wednesday’s manager, makes two changes from the first leg. Jack Hunt replaces Liam Palmer, and Josh Windas is preferred over Seydoux Berahino up front.

Sunderland is unchanged, although Nathan Broadhead is fit enough for a few seats.

📋 Here’s how we set up for tonight’s semi-final second leg!

eleventh | Peacock Farrell, Hunt, Storey, Dean, Hutchinson, Johnson, Byers, Longo, Bannan, Winds, Gregory

branches | Wildsmith, Palmer, Dunkley, Mendez-Laing, Paterson, Berahino, Kamberi#SHWSUN

– Sheffield Wednesday (swfc) May 9, 2022


Alex Neal XI starts this evening’s semi-final second leg. #SAFC | #Till the end

– Sunderland (SunderlandAFC) May 9, 2022


Hello and welcome to the second part of the heavyweight elimination match between Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland. Among them, these Do not say sleeping giants, do not say sleeping giants Teams spent 152 seasons in the First Division. It was then, but we are at this moment. It was just nostalgia. Here, now, their only ambition is to return to the championship.

Both teams could be two games away – tonight’s game in Hillsboro, then the week-long final against Wycombe on Saturday. Sunderland are leading 1-0 from the first leg at the Stadium of Light, and will encourage their dominance in that match. But on Wednesday he had the best home record in the first league this season, which included a confirmed 3-0 win over Sunderland in November. (They also lost the home game 5-0, so here it is.)

This game has a varied wardrobe, but at its core it is a 50/50 competition. Just as it should be.

Starting 7.45 pm.

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