Speede Fitness begins a new funding round at a festive event with Chicago Bears players, investors and VIPs | News

Hundreds of guests gather at BIÂN Chicago to try out the company’s strength training machine

ChicagoAnd May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Speede Fitness, A ChicagoStrength Training Startup Launches Revolutionary Fitness Machine in Summer 2022, Hosting Hundreds of Guests May 5 At the “Stronger Every Season” event featuring Chicago Bears players and stockholders Justin FieldsAnd Cole qumt And Jaylon Johnson. This event provided VIP guests with the opportunity to explore BIÂN Chicago, the world’s only private club focused on wellness and social wellbeing, and experience Speede’s groundbreaking fitness technology.

Speede brought together NFL players, investors, and VIP guests to experience their flagship strength training machine.

“With Speede, you can tap into muscle fibers that you can’t reach with free weights,” said Fields, who is entering his second season as the Bears quarterback. “After five or ten minutes of using the device, you feel like you’ve completed a 30-minute workout.”

The event marked the start of a new fundraising round for Speede, which exceeded the subscription size of its initial round and was supported by stakeholders from the NFL, NBA, UFC and the business world. David Meltzer — entrepreneur, speaker and podcaster who previously served as CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment — is the lead investor in this round.

The company’s new machine, Speede Challenger, is the first connected fitness equipment that combines isotonic, isotonic training and an eccentric trainer for an intense, effective workout that increases strength faster. Notable athletes have invested in the company, including Fields, Kmet and Johnson, as well as a UFC fighter Michael ChandlerAnd Justin Simmons from Denver Broncos, Marquis Valdes-Scantling of the Kansas City chiefs, and Mason Plumley From Charlotte Hornets.

“Speede is different because it is a challenge throughout the rep,” said Kmet, who praised the machine at Chicago It happened. “Because it is so effective, it helps athletes reduce workout times while building more strength and endurance.”

After hosting investors, fitness professionals became the athletes in ChicagoSpeede has now turned its attention to the IHRSA Convention in Miamithe leading fitness event, where Speede will unveil its Gamma prototype in June.

“At IHRSA, our guests will see our production-ready machine and experience Speede’s full vision: not only the most effective strength training, but advanced data for improved health and wellness,” Greg TebasCo-founder of Speede. “Our new round of fundraising represents an exciting moment in the Speede movement as we begin to share our final product and help people get stronger faster.”

To find out more, visit Speede.fit or contact the co-founder Dan Money at dan@speede.fit.

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