The leadership hand challenges the first losing streak of the season

The Roma Braves hit the road to Palmetto State in their first streak with longtime South Atlantic League foe, Greenville Drive. Entering the series with Drive, Roma had yet to drop a series in the 2022 campaign. Just one game from the start, the Braves looked to bridge the gap to first place Bowling Green.

First game: Drive 4, Braves 2

Roma will give the ball to Andrew Hoffman in their opening match against Drive in hopes of jumping to the top of the series. Roma were jumping on the board early thanks to Justin Henry Malloy and Homer who put the Braves in one round with nothing. Andrew Hoffmann made it through the first half with ease, but would crash quickly in the bottom half of the second. The sack fly and Homer would give Grenfell a three-to-one lead, and cause an early exit for Hoffmann. The two-half performance will be Hoffman’s shortest run this season. Roma would close the gap by running thanks to a Tyler Tolve floor that Landon Stephens scored on, but that would be the end of the Braves’ scoring efforts in the first game. Grenfell was running another round to take the first game by four games to two.

Game 2: Braves 9, Drive 5 (10 runs)

The second game will be Bullpen for Braves, where Jake McSteen will take the hill where he begins his quest for the chain. McSteen’s first start to the season will see him go three full rounds and give up two rounds at two strokes while knocking out five. Although Grenfell will jump to the lead early on, Roma will come back and take the lead. Justin Henry Malloy will get the Braves on the board with the RBI song recorded by Christian Robinson, and Cady Bonnell will send a ball over the central field fence to take Roma four runs to two. Beau Philip was running another round to give the Braves a five-to-two advantage. Subsequent innings would see Grenfell overtake Roma, and by the ninth inning, Drive had rounded up the score at five. The Braves benefited from their first extra frame of the 2022 campaign, hanging four positions on Drive at the top of Season X. Beau Philip, Javier Valdes homer, and Cody Milligan will all contribute to Roma’s nine-to-five win in Game Two. Austin Smith will be the winning bowler, his first of the season.

The third game: Drive 7, Braves 4

Luis de Avila had the ball in the third game as the Braves looked to jump to the top.

Drive and Braves will both run on point-free opening tires, but the drive will hit first with Homer Nicholas Northcott. Greenville would add two more strokes before Cody Milligan doubled down and pulled the brave Vaughn Grissom RBI in one, but Ceddanne Rafaela homer would put Drive ahead by six to three. Each team would touch the home plate again before the final exit, and Grenfell would take game three with a score of seven to four.

Fourth game: Drive 8, Braves 7

The fourth game will be a slow fight between the Drive and the Braves, with each team counting 13 hits each. Juston Henry Malloy will make his third home run of the season at the top of the first to get the Braves on the board early with a 2-0 score. Grenfell was advancing at the bottom of the first with his own run, but Rome would advance in the top of the second. A double hit from Cade Bunnell and a sack fly from Drew Campbell will put the Braves in five-for-one runs. Roma would have played on another one before the scoring went to Greenville. In a three-round span, the drive hits seven unanswered runs to win the contest by eight runs to seven.

Fifth game: Drive 5, Braves 1

Roeber Salinas got the ball in his first division game in Game Five on Saturday. Entering the competition, Salinas led every Minor League Baseball team in hits, but Drive wouldn’t be kind to Roeber on his debut. Grenfell pinned a four-spot to the Braves at the bottom of the first and never looked back. The Drive pitching crew will carry in the fifth inning, and Grenfell will count again before driving Cade Bunnell in the first and only Braves of the game. With a five-to-one victory, Grenfell would seal the winning streak against Roma.

Sixth game: Command 10, Brave 3

Roma will send Dylan Dodd up the hill in the series finale against Greenville on Sunday hoping to get out of town with a win. The drive will do a quick job for Dodd, putting four runs at the bottom of a second. After a rocky second, Dodd would settle down and go five and a third of the inning, hitting a six along the way. Christian Robinson has been driving two runs for the Braves, but long balls from Nick Yorke and Alex Erro will be tough for Roma to beat. Rome will drop by a score of ten to three.

The Braves return home to face Winston Salem Dash in a six-game series starting Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. in Court One.

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