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It seems like everything that could go wrong for the Red Sox, has happened.

From day one, the squad didn’t arrive, and it seemed like every time the club advanced late, they found a way to blow it up. The Red Sox have won no more than two games in a row all season, lost or split all but one series, and now find themselves in the basement of the AL East with the humble Baltimore Orioles.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, now-starting bowler Michael Washa, one of the team’s few bright spots this season, has been scratched since his morning start on Sunday and will go on to the injury list for 15 days after picking up pain on his side after Bullpen’s last session. .

Early on, things started to look very bleak.

If there’s one team that can live with what the Red Sox is going through, it’s their next opponents. The Atlanta Braves went through a similarly gruesome first half last season before coming out the other side to win their first World Championship title in 26 years.

To be clear, the positions of the Red Sox and the Braves are not identical. The Braves were never more than eight games out of first place, never more than five games under .500—both low points the Red Sox had already crossed—and played in a much weaker division than the Red Sox had to contend with.

However, this season they have struggled much deeper than the Red Sox have experienced thus far, and they have had less time to turn things around.

In fact, the Braves hit rock bottom when the Red Sox last flew to Atlanta. During the two-team series at Truist Park in mid-June last year, Boston won both games 10-8, swarming in the late rounds both times to stun Atlanta and drop the club to the fourth-worst place of the season. east.

Somehow things went wrong two weeks later, when soccer star Ronald Acuña Jr lost this season to a rupture in the AFC Champions League. By that point, the Braves were hovering around .500 and still a 4.5 game out of first place, and even the most optimistic might have predicted that the Braves were well-cooked and real.

Of course, that’s not how it ended up being.

Atlanta’s second-half rush and World Championship hope should inspire the Red Sox, who are talented enough to compete but have been held back by chronic underperformance and a disconcerting inability to finish tight matches. Frankly, Boston has done so poorly that the law of averages suggests that things have to change at some point, at least to an extent.

But Atlanta’s comeback didn’t happen by chance either. When Acuña came down, the front office acted aggressively to support the roster, quickly re-equipping the entire stadium and giving the club the tools it needed to succeed.

Similar disassembly may be required here as well.

Boston has plenty of time to get back into the competition, but if the Red Sox are serious about competing for a playoff point, sitting back and doing nothing is not an option. Maybe that means giving more opportunities to big clients like Garen Doran and Triston Casas, or maybe the club should trade or lay off a couple of veterans set to become free agents and fill their places with others who might be more suitable?

Either way, it’s too early to let go of the season, but while the Braves are proof that anything is possible, they also show that fortune favors the brave. If the Red Sox are hoping to achieve something from this season, they will at some point have to start making their own luck.

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