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With moon knight Coming to a close, Marvel fans are studying the show extensively to find every reference, an Easter egg, and a teaser hidden within every episode. In true Marvel fashion, plenty of comic book references have been discovered, proving that the show not only respects Marvel Comics by reinforcing their already well-established traditions, but that its production team is truly passionate about Moon Knight.

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While many of these references simply salute Marvel Comics’ extensive catalog of stories, they also help expand the MCU beyond what viewers have seen so far—and even tease some future plot points in a potential second season. A first that most fans may have missed in scenes that mirror their original material, these references help solidify Moon Knight within the larger MCU while ensuring the satisfaction and happiness of die-hard Marvel fans.

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Bushman in Marvel Comics

During episode five, when Mark and Stephen are revisiting memories in order to balance their scales, the audience finally sees the archaeological site where Lily’s father was murdered, and where Mark later escapes death to become Moon Knight. For the first time, Mark appointed the commander of the mercenaries – Bushman.

During Marvel Comics, Bushman was one of the main villains of the Moon Knight, and now that his presence within the MCU has been confirmed, he may come to look for a brawl with Marc, especially after their twisted history together.

the living statue

Split image crawling of the golden statue and Bertrand Crowley from the Moon Knight stories

One of the saddest things that viewers have discovered about Stephen moon knightHis first episodes were that his closest friend was a still, silent, living golden statue that Stephen told him of all his vicissitudes after he had finished his work. The living statue is portrayed by Sean Scott, and is credited with “Crowley” who, although he doesn’t care much about Stephen, is actually one of his closest allies in the comics.

In Marvel Comics, Crowley lives on the streets, rather than being a street performer – demonstrating that while he still respects his origins, the show takes on a unique twist. On top of that, he also happens to be Moon Knight’s detective – who can eventually be seen in the show.

midnight man

Midnight Man Comic vs MCU

During episode 3, when Mark and Lila arrive at the Mugart mansion, viewers are introduced to Anton Mugart, portrayed by the late Gaspard Uliel, who is parodied for having a complicated history with Lily. However, Mogart is no ordinary side character – in the comics, he’s known as the Midnight Man, the Moon Knight’s archenemy.

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When first appearing in the show’s early episodes, Mogart’s red cloak and shaded nature perfectly mirror his comic book counterpart, and the fact that this scene takes place exactly in the middle of the night confirms his identity. During the comics, the Midnight Man stole priceless art, jewelry, antiques, and more all over the world, always in the middle of the night – and he swears to Moon Night after his battle left scars on his face, a point we can see well on the show. (Potential) future seasons.

Hathor is finally confirmed

It is possible that Hathor Sekhmet was harassed in Moon Night

When the Ennead unfortunately rejects Koncho’s desperate plea and instead agrees to Arthur Harrow’s twisted words, only one avatar attempts to help Mark – Yitzil, the avatar of Hathor, in successfully leading him to the site of Amit’s grave.

It is rumored to debut later this year in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of music and love, and is associated in the comics with both Bast and Khuncho. Hathor takes on a cat-like appearance, and although she seems like a really good character at first glance, she later becomes one of the coolest villains in the Black Panther comic book, assuming the pseudonym of the Lion God.

5 new Egyptian comic characters

Ennead in Marvel Comics

During the Ennead meeting in Episode 3, several characters never before seen in the MCU appeared through their avatars – Horus the god of justice and punishment, Tefnut the goddess of rain, Osiris the god of the dead, Isis the goddess of fertility and domestication, and the previously mentioned Hathor.

Since its appearance in moon knight, these characters have already rocked the MCU – by revealing themselves as extremely powerful, god-like beings, compared to previous MCU “gods”, the Asgardians, who are merely an alien race. one more time moon knightThe company’s production team proved passionate, as every Egyptian deity it depicts remains true to his comic book origins, which many fans may not have been aware of.

Harrow Glasses Shoes

Harrow Split Glass Shoes

moon knightThe opening scene confused (and perhaps very upset) many Marvel fans who aren’t familiar with Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow, seeing him crush the glass in his shoe before putting it on. This whole scene that introduced Harrow was most likely a reference to his comic book counterpart.

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Since its inception in Moon Night #2 In 1985, Arthur Harrow, or Dr. Harrow, was a pain-obsessed scientist living with a chronic incurable disease, which caused constant discomfort. He was an expert in pain theory and continued to develop his obsession.

Ritual comic book Mark

Koncho Comics vs. MCU

In another flashback scene during Episode 5, the audience finally sees how Mark meets the true origins of Khuncho and Moon Knight, which felt shockingly familiar to fans of the comics. When a monstrously injured Mark attempts to crawl away from the horrific shooting battle that has just occurred, he finds himself sheltered within a temple under a statue of Khoncho – who asks Mark to serve him as his avatar in exchange for life.

This entire scene reflects Mark’s meeting with Khuncho in the comics that take place in Moon Night #21 In 2021 it was written by Jed Mackay. This happens to be one of the best Moon Knight comics in recent years and is essential reading for any fan desperate to learn more about the Fist of Khonshu.

Lily becomes a scarlet scarab

Laila El-Fouly turns into a scarlet scarab

A well-acted scene where Laila accepts Taweret’s offer from Mai Kalamawi and becomes her avatar, and the Egyptian superhero Scarlet Scarab, is one of the moon knightBest comic book easter eggs. This was triggered earlier in the episode, when Laila retrieved the scarab from Mark’s body, and kept it while she went to free Khuncho.

The suit itself has armor and wings painted in a scarab pattern, similar to how the Moon Knight costume mimics the moon itself. In the comics, Abdul Bean was the first person to become a Scarlett Scarab and pass the inheritance on to his son. Now, in the MCU, Lily continues the same legacy, and Twart reassures her that this is the right choice.

Putnam Medical Facility

Putnam Medical Facility is a great reference for both the storyboards and the show itself. Inspired by the 2016 movie Jeff Lemire moon knight In the comics, this establishment is run by Amit Avatar, similar to the way Arthur Harrow ran the show facility.

Throughout the facility, every patient and crew member seen by viewers has appeared previously in Mark and Stephen’s lives. For example, a sick Lily was frantically pasting postcards that were seen in Stephen’s apartment, and police officers in the first episodes were employees of the institution. Harrow’s desk is full of antiquities, Mark has a Moon Knight character, someone plays with a Rubik’s cube like Steven did in the first episode trying to stay awake, Team Concho is a clockwork, and so much more – really reflecting the complexity of the comic book establishment.

Jake Lockley

Moon Knight Explanation of Jake Lockley's Loans Termination

moon knightThe post-credit scene finally revealed an impressive third alternate, Jake Lockley. Jake saves Mark and Stephen earlier in the episode when it looked like they were going to lose, but unlike Mark defending Harrow, viewers see Jake kill him – while still under Khoncho’s control.

This variant is much darker than Mark (and obviously Stephen), he’s a ruthless killer who will do anything to eliminate his target. Throughout the comics, Jake establishes countless connections within the criminal underworld, allowing him to stay informed and act strategically. Furthermore, although he wears the same flat hat and suit in the MCU as he does in the comics, he drives a limousine rather than a taxi, which could be the show taking on his unique role in the character while staying true to his origin.

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