UEFA Champions League proposals have been described as a ‘youth daydream’ by the fan group

A group of European football fans have urged UEFA and club leaders to scrap some changes to the Champions League due in 2024, describing other ideas as “daydreams of events”.

The European Football Supporters’ Group (FSE) recognized by the European Football Association (FSE) has escalated its opposition ahead of the upcoming ECA and UEFA meetings.

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Proposals were approved last year to use the club’s historical record in European competitions to award two Champions League appearances in 2024, when it expands to 36 teams playing 10 matches each instead of six.

But UEFA reached that deal with club leaders as they were planning to launch the Premier League project which quickly failed, and the details were open to reconsideration.

The FSE fan group now wants these details – historic ‘laborator’ entries and 10 guaranteed matches to be scrapped – on Tuesday after the UEFA Club Competitions Committee and Executive Committee met in Vienna, Austria.

“Ultimately, your decision will shape the game for a generation that will affect every league, club, player and fan in Europe,” FSE said in a statement targeting UEFA and European Club Association officials.

The 250-member UEFA, whose board of directors meets on Monday in Madrid, and UEFA have not officially commented on the talks that could lead to decisions on Tuesday.

Subscriptions to the UEFA Champions League are set to be worth tens of millions of euros for each participating club with an expected increase of around 40% in total revenue for UEFA club competitions starting in 2024.

Fans fear that the Champions League money will further widen the wealth and competitive balance gaps in European football, reduce interest in domestic leagues and add costs in time and money for fans to follow their team.

The 30-nation European leagues group and fans have consistently said that additional entries in the Champions League should go to title winners in the middle-ranked national leagues.

He joined in opposing the changes agreed on behalf of the “middle class” clubs by Eintracht Frankfurt, who last week advanced to the Europa League final against Rangers. The winner gets a place in the Champions League.

UEFA has also considered scrapping the traditional two-match semi-final in favor of a four-game mini-tournament in a single host city or region.

The FSE rejected ideas such as “daydreaming events from extended halftime shows, week-long Finals and similar Super Bowl imitations”.

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