Watch: Fabinho’s challenge to Tottenham striker Son Heung-min – Dermot Gallagher issues the verdict | football news

Dermot Gallagher explains the big flashpoints from the weekend’s events on Ref Watch.

Liverpool 1-1 Tottenham

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Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher felt Michael Oliver’s decision to give Fabinho a yellow card for his challenge to Son Heung-min was the right one.

accident: Was Liverpool midfielder Fabinho lucky not to receive more than one booking for a tough challenge on Tottenham striker Son Heung-min?

Verdict: The right decision.

Dermot says: “I think the yellow card is the right decision. If you look, hold him with his forearm, his forearm is raised, but it is there and the son entered it, it is not one he used as a weapon as I call throwing it back. So, I think the right connection…”

Tuesday May 10 7:30 pm

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Arsenal 2-1 Leeds United

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Dermot Gallagher says referee Chris Kavanagh was right to change his decision from yellow to red after the VAR review of Luke Ayling’s interference with Gabriel Martinelli.

accident: Luke Ailing received a direct red card from the VAR after receiving an initial warning only for a wild tackle on Gabriel Martinelli.

Verdict: The right decision.

Dermot says: “Of course (the right decision). The process is perfect as a referee [Chris Kavanagh]for whatever reason, he doesn’t see this velocity angle, he definitely doesn’t see the bipedal interference.

“You see him walking around the floor like he does, he’s out of control, there’s no way he can stop himself, it’s a serious handling anyway, when Chris is sent to the screen, he doesn’t take long to look VAR.” [John Brooks] He said, “Look, in my opinion, you have to look at this again, I think it’s a bad interference, he cut his feet, and it’s out of control.”

“The referee looked, it didn’t take much from a second look to see the second corner from the back, the red card for me.”

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Stephen Warnock says Luke Ayling left Leeds United with his “ridiculous mistake” by diving in two feet on Gabriel Martinelli.

Wednesday May 11 7:00 PM

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Man City 5-0 Newcastle United

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Dermot Gallagher said it was the right decision to allow Aymeric Laporte’s goal for Manchester City despite Newcastle’s pleas for a foul on Martin Dubravka.

accident: Should Man City’s second goal against Newcastle have been ruled out, with Martin Dubravka’s hands on the ball?

Verdict: The right decision.

Dermo says:I think he doesn’t have (hands on the ball) because what happens is he spills the ball – his hand must be above the ball between the ground and I’m not convinced by that.

“He extends the ball and when he gets to the ball he doesn’t get it, it’s kicked away from him and played and then he falls to the ground. I don’t think he put that position on top of the ball. He goes to, but he doesn’t really get it.”

Wednesday May 11 8:00 PM

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Chelsea 2-2 Wolves

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Watch: Highlights from Chelsea’s draw against Wolverhampton in the Premier League.

accident: Chelsea striker Timo Werner disallowed a goal for a foul on Roman Sais.

Verdict: wrong decision.

Dermo says:Another day, it wouldn’t be considered a mistake. When you look at an incident like this, you can get the bones out of it, no doubt about it. When you see how to judge [Peter Bankes] Judging all day, this was actually in line with his tolerance level.

“What I would say is I watched this match from minute to 90th minute and whenever anything like that happened he made a mistake, so it wasn’t a huge surprise to me that he made a mistake there.”

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