What was different about watching the practices of a small novice camp…

Did they have a size 17 shoe in stock at Rashid Walker or did they have a special order?

I never knew Red and T-Bone to be unaware.

An elephant from Playa Blanca, Spain

Outside of QB, what position do you think is most difficult for college players in making the transition from college football to Major League Soccer?

We’ve talked a lot about the tight end before because of all the duties required and how rare the tight ends are for college to be proficient on the full roster. If I had to pick another one, I would say defensive tackle, full time (all three defeats), because one of the hardest things to learn is how to defend by running all the way to the middle.

I love the shots. I really like the shots. It seems like every year we forget the people who were selected in the subsequent rounds of last year’s draft, or the year before. Who was picked up in the later rounds is still around, and is anyone ready to make an impact this year? Hill is my hope, but who else?

Well, a level six player two years ago started all of last season on the left. But similar to my previous answer, although I don’t see him in every role, I’m definitely watching TJ Slaton this year.

At the time Joe Barry was hired, he was the replacement when Jim Leonard died on the job. Many considered it not better than betaine, but the same thing. The fan base wasn’t too excited about his appointment. Has Joe Barry’s perception of coordinator changed?

How not? Just look at the defense’s performance in its first game of last season and its last.

This isn’t as drastic or impactful as Draft 09 but today I had a slight similarity between the two in the addition of defensive players in the first round specifically for the new coordinator’s plan. I think Joe Barry showed us all last year that he’s the right guy for the job. Perhaps Gotti now, as I affectionately pointed out to him, felt the need to stick to his scheme more. Did either of you feel this way?

This wasn’t really my opinion. For me, it was a combination of two angles. First, the obvious influence of a midfielder with De’Vondre Campbell’s physical traits. And second, having a defensive lineman they liked available enough late in the first round after investing only one selection higher than a fifth-placed player over the previous five drafts.

I don’t understand how making our defense stronger (perhaps the strength of the team now) would “force Rodgers into the role of game manager.” Just because the defense does not mean that the attack will fall. Obviously letting Adams hurt and no player can take his place, but I don’t imagine the offense being unable to move the ball.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The day Rodgers truly becomes a director of the game is the day he walks away.

Nathan from Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Which player will benefit the Packers the most with a major improvement in the season?

I know Wes responded to this on Saturday, and while I totally agree with his choice of Josiah DeGuara, I’ll pick the other side of the ball in a slightly different context: Eric Stokes. Given his good performance as a rookie, if he has anything like a traditional sophomore jump, this three-corner-back takes the defense to another level and opens up more options for Barry.

Mike: Bettendorf, right next to Davenport, has colvers down the street from a great brewery called Five Cities. I’ll be happy to cover your first Schwifty Hippy IPA. Great way to wash a butter burger.

Planning my road trip is getting easier. I hope all moms had a great Mother’s Day, and happy Monday.

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