Yahoo NBA DFS details: Monday, May 9

Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks are looking to take a 2-1 lead in the series over the Boston Celtics.

This is our first NBA Yahoo DFS article! This is something we want to continue until the end of the season because we know a lot of you are playing there. The good news is that I’m very familiar with Yahoo pricing, having been playing there for a few years now. It makes me feel like I have a good read of what’s going on, so let’s break down this important fourth game list!

injury report

basic plays

Tyus Jones (PG – MEM): $15

It looks like Morant will miss this game, making Jones the best board game ever. The good news is that Memphis had a lot of experience without Morant, playing 25 games without him. Tyus has begun guarding points in his absence, averaging 12.7 points, 3.2 rebounds, 6.6 assists and 1.1 steals in his 23 starts this season. That’s ridiculous of a $15 player, and he should keep playing a role for 30 minutes as long as Ja stays out.

Cash Game Considerations

Giannis Antikonmo (PF – MIL): $58

Giannis is the safest option on this list. The former MVP has at least 29 Yahoo points per game this season, dropping at least 35 Fantasy points in all but two games this year. This makes him flirt with an average of 60 points, which is simply impossible to fade into such a short list. Not to mention, he scored 74 Yahoo Points on his last trip!

Marcus Smart (PG – BOS): $19

Seeing the Smart under $20 is really weird. This guy has been playing at $25 for weeks, averaging 30 Yahoo points per game for 32 minutes a night over his last 29 games. That’s incredible from a $19 player, especially since he’s likely to look at 40 minutes into this must-win game. They beat Milwaukee all year, too, averaging 31 Yahoo points in 34 minutes per night in their six meetings this season.

GPP . Objectives

Jackson Jr. years. (PF – MIL): $27

Jackson is the best GPP choice on the board. This guy has 50 bullish pips each time, and that probability increases as Ja gets out of the lineup. We say that because JJJ leads the team with a 31 percent usage rate with Morant off the ground, averaging 1.4 Yahoo points per minute. That makes him an under-$30 option, especially since he’s earned at least 28 fantasy points in four consecutive fixtures, en route to an average of 37 in that period.

De Anthony Melton (PG – MEM): $12

The minimum price on Yahoo is just $10, and it’s shocking to see Milton creep up so close to that number. The statistical padding guard averages 26 fantasy points per game over his last three matches, causing most of that damage with Morant in the lineup. One has to think that his minutes, usage and attempts to shoot will skyrocket as the All-Stars come out, making Melton the best GPP game on the board at a very cheap price.

value plays

Robert Williams (C – BOS): $22

Yahoo Score is slightly different from other sites. Defensive stats are more valuable on Yahoo than on the other two sites, which makes a guy like Williams even more tempting. The Big Man averaged 32 fantasy points per game in the regular season, dealing that damage in just under 30 minutes per night. We like it because his minute constraints have loosened, with Rob-Will dropping 37 Yahoo points in 23 minutes in Game 3.

Grant Williams (PF – BOS): $12

Williams is one of the best defenders in the NBA, and Boston plays him as often as they can to oppose Giannis. Grant has played at least 32 minutes in five of his last six games, averaging 25 points in that period. That’s great from a $12 player, and it’s hard to understand why Yahoo is keeping it so cheap. Stacking Grant and Giannis together is one of the best strategies out there because they’ll both be playing nearly every minute together, and they’re on opposite ends of the pricing spectrum.

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