Herm Edwards won’t last beyond 2022, as CBS Sports predicts an overreaction after spring

Arizona football coach Herm Edwards He is firmly in the hot seat of entering the 2022 season after half of his coaching staff was fired and several players lost to the transfer gate amid an investigation by the NCAA. CBS Sports Writer Sheehan Jayaraja has predicted that Edwards will be fired by the end of the 2022 season. Overreaction To Pac-12 Spring Practices.

Herm Edwards There is no greater chaos in the Power Five now than in Arizona,” Jeyarajah wrote. “The Sun Devils have fired half their coaching staff after an NCAA investigation into the allegations made during the pandemic. After that, they immediately lost 17 scholarship players to the transfer portal, including starting quarterback Jaden Daniels And the star back Eric Gentry. Get a Florida quarterback Emory Jones In return Edwards will buy some time, but not soon enough.”

Over four seasons, Edwards has a 25-18 record including a 1-2 record at Bow Games. By 2022, Arizona will have to endure several departures from the coaching staff and roster. During a recent interview on SiriusXM RadioEdwards said he wasn’t concerned about it.

“Well, I think it’s a culture we built there,” Edwards said. “The coaches leave all the time, that’s just part of it. They go forward and they go, I mean that’s what they do. Our whole system is to bring in the young coaches, in our first year, Danny Gonzalez and our junior coach are both left, Danny became a head coach after just two years, our junior coach in Syracuse now, coach (Tony) White is the coordinator. So, we had a bunch of guys (they left.) I’ve never had a full crew that stayed more than two years, they just left. And that’s good because you want to develop the players.

“So the players are used to it, and I think they are used to this that we don’t get into all the outside noise, we don’t. They are a very focused group and they have a great leadership group of about 10 players who have a real impact on this football team. So we are strong. Pretty much, we really are, it’s a fun group to be around, we value each other, respect each other and just go about our business.”

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Edwards also talked about what he wants his players to do between now and fall camp.

“Well, we have to get better,” Edwards said. “And they’re here, actually. They’re back to work on Monday. I told them, ‘I’m in the building, so don’t think there are no coaches here.'” I’ll be building.’ They started laughing, they said, “Coach, you’re always here.” I said, “That’s absolutely true.” But they’ll still go with (lead athletic performance coach) Joe (Connolly) and work. They have about two more weeks. And they’ll get some time after that. But it is a focused group. It’s a good driving range. We have about 10 guys who are part of the steering committee and they’ve done a really great job setting the table with this thing. It’s fun to watch. “

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