Joe Rogan went against the longstanding free speech stance just to honor the death of Kobe Bryant

Prominent sports journalist and podcaster Joe Rogan is known for his opinions on various topics around the world. Whether it pertains to his line of work or not, Rogan is ready with his opinions. NBA fans around the world will remember his comments on Kobe Bryant and the comedian who jokes about him.

In case you’re looking for context, comedian Ari Shaffer crossed the line by making jokes about the Los Angeles Lakers legend. Furthermore, this came shortly after Bryant’s unfortunate death.


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Joe Rogan offered his views on the same. He spoke on behalf of the NBA world where he hit Shaffer. Despite his stance on free speech, Rogan called the comedian his best friend.

Joe Rogan Slams Comedian For Commenting On The Late Kobe Bryant

The NBA and the sports world were shaken on January 26, 2020. Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant died in an unfortunate helicopter crash that killed his daughter, along with 7 others.

LOS ANGELES, CA, Tuesday, October 28, 2014 – Lakers guard Kobe Bryant listens as Jeffrey Osborne sings the national anthem in the season opener against the Rockets at Staples Center. (Photo by Robert Gautier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

The whole world, along with the current NBA stars, paid tribute to the 5-time NBA champion after the unfortunate disaster. However, the comedian grabbed headlines around the world with his jokes.

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Comedian Ari Shaffer cracked some jokes about the late basketball legend shortly after his death on Twitter. The majority of fans around the world did not take a joke well.


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Interestingly enough, prominent podcaster and commentator Joe Rogan was one of Bash Shaffer’s biggest names. Despite his strong stance on free speech, especially among comedians, Rogan called out Shaffer for his insensitive jokes.

Rogan said in his podcast, “He needed to know that there are consequences to just saying something silly that you’re not supposed to say when people die.


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Although Rogan is a friend of Shaffer’s and a staunch supporter of free speech, he decided to support what he felt was right.

This shows how black humor and insensitivity can be harmful in certain situations. And who’s better than Joe Rogan at calling people out for being insensitive?

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