Little Bears: Dominic Robinson fixes himself to become the ultimate edge winner

Photo: Elijah Harris/Chicago Bears 2022

Over the weekend, the Chicago Bears held their own junior junior camp. They picked edge accelerator, Dominic Robinson, with the 174th pick in the NFL draft and met the media on Saturday. He’s had some interesting comments about his abilities and changing attitudes throughout his career.

Dominic Robinson has described himself as still very likely. He played multiple positions throughout his life as a midfielder and wide receiver. But the rush to full-back is relatively new to him and coach Matt Ebervlos is excited about Robinson’s capabilities.

“I’ve been playing soccer at home for this long until I got here. But when you get here and get into things, you still have to learn. Reps.”

Dominic Robinson

Robinson has great potential for the Chicago Bears

During seasons filled with the epidemic, Robinson determined that he was not in an appropriate position and that he needed to work on it.

“After many matches for not performing the way I wanted, I just looked at my teammates who were in better situations and imitated what they did.”

Dominic Robinson on how he fixed his situation

Robinson has worked on his defensive skills over the past few seasons because he knew they could push him to the next level. He worked not only to speed up the pedestrians but put some focus on stopping the running as well. He stated that running is something the Chicago Bears are currently focusing on and that it is important to continue to improve.

Dominic Robinson is very self-aware and can understand when his game needs work. He wasn’t executing on the wide reception position the way he should have been in college. Using Chase Young as a catalyst, he increased his size, strength, and speed to move into defense and enhance his moment in the spotlight.

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