The Reds put Mike Mostakas on the injured list

The Reds announced to reporters, including Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Inquirerwhich – which Mike Mustafa He was put on the list of injured. No rating was given for Mustafa’s status, which indicates that he will be on the list of those infected with Covid. Defender Ronnie Dawson He was called up as a substitute player.

The Reds had a string of players on their Covid roster last week, with Mustakas now joining joy photo And Nick Snzel. Tyler Naken He was also in this category but managed to come back a few days ago. The team did not determine whether Moustakas tested positive, had virus-like symptoms, or was exposed to someone who tested positive for the virus. Under League 2022 health and safety protocols, players who test positive are subject to a 10-day absence from the club, although they can be brought back in less time if the player has gone 24 hours or more without a fever. A pair of negative PCR tests, approved by the panel physician and the MLB/MLBPA Joint Committee (a panel of one union-appointed physician and one union-appointed physician). If Votto is “only” dealing with symptoms, he can come back in an order of magnitude shorter. Players who have tested negative can return once their symptoms are gone, as long as they are cleared by the joint committee and team physician.

For Mustafa, this is his second stint of the season, as he missed some time in April due to biceps strain. Since his comeback, he’s been on a hot streak, hitting .344/.462/.531 in that small sample. But that will now stop by this second trip to IL. It’s another frustrating development for the Reds, as the club got off to a miserable start 5-23, thanks in part to several players being sidelined, both for Covid and otherwise.

For Dawson, this is the second time he has been a substitute player to help the club try to weather this outbreak. Under 2022 health and safety protocols, the commissioner’s office has sole discretion to determine whether a team has been sufficiently affected by COVID to call up “replacement” players. If permission is granted, the team can bring those substitutions back into Triple-A (and if not previously within 40 players, completely off the roster) without using a minor league option or passing the player through concessions.

Dawson actually went through the process, being picked up for the club last week but was subsequently disqualified when Naquin returned. He only participated in one match while on the roster, and did not manage to appear on three boards. In 28 triples games this year, the 26-year-old has netted .267/.373/.436.

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