The Steelers have announced the official jersey numbers for the 2022 NFL Draft class

The number is the identity of an athlete. Some freebies are trying to pay big bucks to get the same number they’ve worn elsewhere. But for starters, they are often at the mercy of equipment managers. The Pittsburgh Steelers have announced jersey numbers for the 2022 NFL Class. It’s time to see who will wear what…

QB Kenny Beckett

Charles Leclair – USA TODAY Sports

College number: 8

Steelers Number: 8

In the NFL’s rush to make this shirt available at home, away and the rush of colors… Beckett got the piece he wore in college at Pete.

WR George Pickens

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship - Georgia v Alabama

Mark C. Rebellas – USA Today Sports

College number: 1

Steelers Number: 14

The Steelers don’t usually give first place. Even though Pickens wore Uno in college and had the guts to not let it get too big for him. However, the Steelers went the Sammie Coates/Ray-Ray McCloud route. Let’s see if George can top them with Alcators.

DTD Marvin Lill

NCAA Football: Texas A &  M in Arkansas

Jerome Meron – USA TODAY Sports

College number: 8

Steelers Number: 98

Here’s another draft of Steeler’s No. 8 steel. Leal is the kind of player who can make any number work for him, but adding a nine and evoking Vince Williams’ legacy feels right.

WR Calvin Austin III

NCAA Football: Navy in Memphis

Petri Thomas USA Today Sports

College number: 4

Steelers Number: 19

Austin III wore the fast number 4 in college and really looks like a number one guy. Now Sam Sloman, the kicker, holds that number. This does not mean that it cannot be CA3 later. This was suggested in The Steelers Preview live chat with #16 by “Stone Cold” fan Steve Austin. Think about it… “Austin 3:16 I just said I kicked your whistle.” But I don’t think Potter Cameron Nezyalek will step down. JuJu Smith-Schuster cleared number 19 when he traveled to Kansas City. Let’s see what Austin 3:19 has to say about it.

FB/TE Connor Heyward

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Michigan State

Mike Carter USA Today Sports

College number: 11

Steelers Number: 83

It was great to see Connor wearing the old Ironhead number, but Terrell Edmonds has claimed number 34 since 2018. Chase Claypool has number 11, the Heywards Spartans number. So with no Ben Roethlisberger to veto, Number 83 came back at the end of a courthouse in Burg.

LB Mark Robinson

NCAA Football: Louisville at Mississippi

Del Zaneen – USA TODAY Sports

College number: 35

Steelers Number: 93

Joe Schubert finally wore this number and it looks like a perfect fit for Robinson.

QB Chris Oldcon

College number: 6, 10

Steelers Number: 5

Presley Harvin III and Mitch Trubesky are talking about Oldcon College numbers, so Number 5 for Josh Dobbs and Bruce Gradkowski appears to be correct.

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