Warriors preferred to meet the Bucks in the 2022 NBA Finals

  • A final between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Golden State Warriors is preferred at +425 via the BetONline app.
  • The Phoenix Suns earned a +575 for a second game with the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2022 NBA Finals.
  • The final match in Sixers vs Grizzlies has the longest odds at +12000.

Are you ready for the Bucks vs Warriors Championship Series?

It better be because if our friends at SportsBetting.ag are correct, this is the 2022 NBA Finals game we’ll be watching.

According to the mentioned online betting site, the odds for a Bucks vs Warriors final showdown are +425, which is the shortest odds for any of the eight remaining teams in the playoffs.

Currently, the Bucks and Warriors are 2-1 ahead of their opponents in the second round with Game 4 for both series Monday night. The Bucks are a favorite bet -165 to win the series before Game 4 while the Warriors are a whopping 1000 to beat the Memphis Grizzlies. Milwaukee is also the new favorite bet +185 to win the Eastern Conference while Golden State is chalking -110 to win the Western. Dubs are the only team that has minus money conference odds.

Warriors Return as Favorite Titles

The Warriors are back as the NBA MVP with a score of +200 via BetOnline after the Phoenix Suns lost to the Dallas Mavericks last weekend in Game 4 of their series. Of course, the odds are fickle and you could swing to the Suns’ side after Monday’s games, but for now, Steph Curry’s Warriors are on top of the championship mountain.

Not only do bettors on BetOnline prefer the Warriors to take on the Bucks in the Finals, but Golden State is also a Western Conference finalist in the top three favorites finals in the aforementioned sportsbook. Second, on the list, Golden State faces the Miami Heat at +500 while the Warriors vs Celtics match is third at +525.

Meanwhile, the Phoenix Suns are the West’s 4-6 Final favorites. The 2021 NBA Finals rematch between the Suns and Bucks is currently listed at +575. Followed by a match between the top seeds in the east and west in the sun and heat at +575. On the other hand, Phoenix facing the Boston Celtics is listed at +700.

East is a close race

The Warriors vs Sixers is seventh at +1100 while Phoenix vs Philadelphia is eighth at +1400. This means that the Warriors and Suns are the only Western Conference representatives in the Top 8 Favorites Finals. The same monopoly cannot be found in the East.

While the Bucks are the unanimous favorites to win the Eastern Conference now at +160, the Heat is listed at +225 while the Celtics are at +260. The team with the longest odds in the conference is the Sixers at +550, which isn’t that long at this point in the season. The same cannot be said in the West where Warriors are the best favourite at -110 while Suns are second at +140. The next team is Dallas and the Mavs at +800, much longer odds than the bottom team in the East.

The Sixers vs Grizzlies is the least favored final minute match at odds of +12500. But remember that the Sixers are tied 2-2 with the Heat in their series and they are only +130 not favorites to win the series. Grizzlies vs the Heat and Memphis vs Boston are listed at +6600.

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