2022 MLB Postseason bracket, schedule and format

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The 2022 Major League Baseball season has begun with a month of games behind us already. That means it’s already time to think about the MLB 2022 playoffs. Let’s dive into the 2022 post-season schedule and early predictions.

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Bookmark this page for updates to the predictions, schedule and MLB 2022 playoff bracket. Our projected MLB Post-Season 2022 bracket is based on MLB 2022 predictions from opening day and the latest MLB standings.

MLB Playoffs 2022 Predictions: National League

MLB: ALDS-Rays Exercises
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NL No.1: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Series 4/5 الفائز Winner

The Los Angeles Dodgers enter the 2022 season with a fantastic rotation, the best squad in MLB and an exceptional bull. On top of that, there’s plenty of depth to the roster and farm system with young talent capable of making an impact in 2022. When the MLB playoffs arrive, it’ll be a surprise if #1 Los Angeles doesn’t have the seed in the NL.

Ranked #2: Milwaukee Brewers vs. Match Winner 3-6

After a slow start to the season, the Milwaukee Brewers started. We saw more consistent moments of dominance from the starting spin, and the bulls were electric. With the division one of the weakest in baseball, the path to the MLB playoffs is clear. However, brewers will need another crash paddle to compete for the world championship.

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NL Wild Card Predictions

New York Mets vs St. Louis Cardinals

The New York Mets dominate their rivals at the moment, all while Jacob deGrom has been out for months and Max Scherzer doesn’t deliver as much as the Cy Young candidate. It’s intimidating to think what this team might be capable of when it’s all about rotating together and clicking. But the biggest surprise is the assortment that is produced without much effort at home. This would be a dangerous team in MLB postseason.

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As for the St. Louis Cardinals, the results are mixed. Similar to New York, the Cardinal finds ways to win matches when the best bowlers – Jack Flaherty (injured list and Adam Wainwright suffering) aren’t helping. Much appreciation must go to MVP nominee Nolan Arenado and a particularly strong squad at the top of the demand.

San Diego Padres vs. San Francisco Giants

The San Diego Padres are credited with being near the top of the MLB post-season picture even without Fernando Tatus Jr., Blake Snell, and many others. Manny Machado is the champ now in San Diego, but Joe Musgrove also explains why he’s an underrated ace. It’s early in the season, but we feel very confident in betting on the Padres to make it to the playoffs.

MLB MVP Race 2022: Jose Ramirez and Mane Machado among the top NL and AL MVP candidates

Sometimes it feels like the San Francisco Giants can have anyone in their lineup and still find ways to win. Carlos Rodon looks like one of the best shooters in the sport at the moment and Jock Pederson (1.029 OPS) is losing his mind. There’s plenty of season ahead, but the Giants have another great opportunity to finish the season with a solid record and a trip to October.

In pursuit: Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies, Miami Marlins

MLB Playoffs 2022 Predictions: MLS

MLB: NLCS-Atlanta Braves Los Angeles Dodgers
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AL Ranked #1: New York Yankees vs 4/5 . Series Winner

The New York Yankees now dominate, and lead the MLB standings just months after many questioned their off-season moves. Aaron Judge is among the AL MVP leading candidates and the promotion is beyond expectations. They also have the farm system to make big additions on the MLB trade deadline, but there is still a long way to go to get to that point.

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Ranked #2: Los Angeles Angels vs. Winner 3/6

Even with Shohei Ohtani not performing as a two-way phenomenon early in the season, the Los Angeles Angels sit atop AL West and have a fantastic shot at the No. 2 seed in the MLS. A healthy Mike Trout makes all the difference and this team’s great running is all the more impressive thanks to little-known players like Taylor Ward. LA will probably need another frontline player to be really dangerous in the MLB playoffs, but there’s plenty of time to get one.

AL Wild Card Game Predictions:

(No. 3) Minnesota Twins vs. (No. 6) Houston Astros

Many have written off the Minnesota Twins as a potential threat to win at AL Central. Thanks to Byron Buxton, maintaining his health and surprising performances from his youthful start, the twins are on top right now. It’s early and the recent injuries to Carlos Carlos and Miguel Sano could prove costly. But the twins seem like a legitimate post-season threat, even if we’re inclined to believe the Chicago White Sox makeup floor and we could reclaim the AL Central crown.

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As for the Houston Astros, they went through some ups and downs early in the 2022 season. Some of that can be attributed to the early struggles of Kyle Tucker and IL for Jose Altuve and Ryan Pressly. When everyone is healthy, the depth and talent of this team at the helm of the lineup gives them a fantastic opportunity to either win the AL West title or fight for the Wild Card spot.

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(No. 4) Tampa Bay Rays vs. (No. 5) Toronto Blue Jays

The Tampa Bay Rays have been hit hard this year, especially at the start of the course. Fortunately, veteran Cory Klopper is getting close to level and Shane Baz is slowly heading toward a comeback. If Randy Arozarena can warm up and Wander Franco’s soft tissue problems in his leg quickly recover, Tampa Bay can challenge AL East. At least, this is a legit playoff team.

We picked the Toronto Blue Jays to win the World Championships this year. So far, we’ve seen flashes of a team that has the talent to make it happen but they are very far from reaching that goal. Jose Berrios needs to sort out his issues on the pile as we wait for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to return to the level of top player. Even when this team falls short of high expectations, they are one of the best teams in AL.

In pursuit: Chicago White Sox, Seattle Mariners, Cleveland Guardians, Boston Red Sox

MLB Playoff Predictions

Here are our MLB post-season predictions before the 2022 season begins.

  • National League Qualifiers
    • NL Wild Card: Brave on Phillies, Padres on Cardinals
    • NLDS: The Dodgers over the Padres, the Brewers over the Braves
    • NLCS: The Dodgers over the Brewers in 6 games
    • NL Winner: Los Angeles Dodgers
  • American League Qualifiers:
    • boy card: White Sox over Yankees, Angels over Rice
    • ALDS: Astros over Angels, Blue Jays on White Sox
    • ALCS: Blue Jays vs Astros in 5 matches
    • AL Winner: Toronto Blue Jays
  • Predicting the 2022 World Championship:
    • Toronto Blue Jays Los Angeles Dodgers in seven games
    • World Championships Player of the Year: Bo Bichette Jr.

2022 MLB Qualifiers Format

  • Seed number 1 – Best record in the National League / MLS, bye in the first round
  • seed number 2 Second-best record by a divisional winner, receives a first-round goodbye
  • No. 3 seeds – Divisional winner with 3rd best record, faces No. 6 المصنف seed
  • No. 4 seeds – Wild Card team with the best record, host number 5
  • No. 5 seeds – The Wild Card team faces the second best record holder, seeded No. 4
  • No. 6 seeds – The third Wild Card team faces the 3rd seed

The Wild Card Tour matches between the seeded #3 vs. #6 and #4 vs. #5 are all three of the best combinations. The 3 vs. 6 winner plays the No. 2 seed and 4 vs. 5 plays the No. 1 seed.

When do the MLB playoffs start?

MLB . Qualifiers
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Major League Baseball releases the MLB schedule for 2022 at the start of the season. The 2022 regular season ends on Wednesday, October 5th. The MLB 2022 qualifiers will begin shortly. The MLB qualifiers tentatively start on Friday, October 7.

  • National League and Major League matches: Starts October 7
  • American and National League Series: to be announced later on
  • NL and AL Championship Series: to be announced later on
  • 2022 World Championships: to be announced later on

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How many teams do MLB playoffs?

MLB: ALDS-Detroit Tigers at Baltimore Orioles-Workouts
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Under the new MLB CBA signed in March, 12 teams will participate in the MLB playoffs. This means that six teams from each league (the MLS and the National League) will be part of the post-season.

Major League Baseball expanded its playoff field in the abbreviated 2020 COVID season but the playoffs reverted to the standard 10-team format in 2021. While league officials have pushed for MLB’s 14-team post-season format in 2022, players will not go into it. He settled on 12 teams.

Most importantly, according to Jason Stark, there will be no breakout for Game 163 for seeding. All post-season MLB sites will use NFL-like tie-breakers.

How the MLB Qualifiers Work

Following an MLB postseason expansion, implemented in a new collective bargaining agreement, the playoffs have now expanded to 12 teams. Six teams from both the National League and the MLS are vying for two places in the World Championships.

MLB teams that win their respective divisions automatically qualify for the MLB Playoffs. The divisional winning teams’ classification is then determined by their final record in the regular season.

There are six teams in the Widl Card total in the MLB postseason, three from each league. The standings are determined by the MLB standings with the lowest ranked team facing the No. 3 winner of the Wild Card Tour.

How many games are in the MLB playoffs?

MLB: ALDS-Rays Exercises
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The number of games in an MLB postseason depends on how long it takes teams to win each series, and ultimately advance and be crowned world champions. Below is a breakdown of the length of each comma string.

  • MLB Wild Card Tour: best 3
  • MLB Section Series: best 5
  • NLCS and ALCS: best 7
  • World Championship: best 7

MLB Postseason tiebreak

MLB canceled the ‘163 game’, which it used as a tiebreaker for teams to determine post-season eligibility. With his elimination, MLB is moving toward a tie-breaking system that will determine post-season eligibility and seed the MLB playoffs. This is the order in which each MLB separator is specified.

  • 1. Showdown record
  • 2. Register within the departments
  • 3. partition record
  • 4. The last half of the domestic league matches
  • 5. Last half of domestic league matches plus one (continuing until the tie is broken)

How do you watch MLB postseason?

The full 2022 schedule, including broadcast information, can be found at today’s MLB games.

2021 MLB Postseason Results

MLB: World Championship - Houston Astros at Atlanta Braves
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Below are the scores and results from the MLB 2021 playoffs.

National League

  • Wild Card: Los Angeles Dodgers 3, St. Louis Cardinals 1
  • Partition String: Dodgers on Giants (5 games), Braves Over Brewers (4 games)
  • NLCS: Braves Over Dodgers (6 matches)
  • 2021 National League Champions: Atlanta Braves

American League

  • Wild Card: Boston Red Sox 6, New York Yankees 1
  • Partition String: Red Sox on Rays (4 games), Astros over White Sox (4 games)
  • ALCS: Astros Over Red Sox (6 matches)
  • American League Champions 2021: Houston Astros

World Championship 2021

  • Atlanta Braves vs Houston Astros (6 games)

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