2022 SC Soccer Coaches per state teams released

Brookland-Cayce's Eduardo Moissa Membrino scored 12 as Daniel Branton Huss 00 failed to block Irmo High School on Saturday, May 15, 2021.

Brookland-Cayce’s Eduardo Moissa Membrino scored 12 as Daniel Branton Huss 00 failed to block Irmo High School on Saturday, May 15, 2021.


The South Carolina Football Coaches Association has released its all-state teams for the 2022 season. These are the boys and girls who made the list.

Class 5A Boys

Jakim Amuda, Clover; Logan Karns, Ashley Ridge; Patrick Cayley; T.L. Hanna; Gavin Egan, Clover; Lucas Goldberg, Wando; Carson Graves, Chapin; Conor Jackson, Blythwood; Elliott-Jones, J.L. Mann; Chase Kennedy, Fort Dorchester; Kenny Koezira, Lexington; Jordan Lester; Alex Lopez, Rock Hill, Juan Martinez; Stokes McConnell, Wando; Fabian Menendez, Riverside; Alec Myers; Matthew Ritola, River Bluff; Thomas Roberts, Spring Valley; Chaz Rosima, J.L. Mann; Franklin Spiers, Lexington; Beckham Foelker, Wando; Terry Watson, Blythwood

Class 4A Boys

Santiago Castano, Land of India; Ezekiel Chapaler, May River; Ryan Chia, Greenville; Caleb Craig, East Side; John Foso, Land of India; Floyd Goodstein West Florence; Caison Holiday West Side; Austin River Kestler May; Charles Maxwell, James Island; Leo Myers, South Aiken; Matte Ott, Myrtle Beach; Jackson Price, A.C. Flora; Jack Redmond, East Side; Onari Rice, East Side; Derek Ringnalda, Catawba Ridge; Hunter Santuskoy, west of Florence; Charlie Stokes, Flora AC; Rogers Thomas, Flora AC; Caden Hill, Catawba Ridge; Zach Road, west of Florence; Joshua White, Catawba Ridge; Zack Zuluki, Catawba Ridge

Class 3 A Boys

Angel Barrientos Reyes, Brookland-Cayce; Wesley Bigby, Powdersville; Tyler Brown, Daniel; Sammy Carmona, MD Carolina; Liam Desjardins, Daniel; Chase Gibson, Wakamou; Alejandro Gonzalez, Gilbert; Easton Khoury, Bishop of England; Crass river. Wakamou. Eduardo Moissa Mimbrano. Brookland Case Matsander Mullen. Bishop of England; Allen Myers, Oceanside Collegiate; JP, O’Neill, Academic Magnet; Trevor Pike, Powdersville; Jake Rock, Oceanside Collegiate; Jesus Rodriguez, Ren; Ezra White, Daniel; Elliott Yarbro, Academic Magnet

Class 2A Boys

Riley Bird, Blake, Phillip Simmons, Bryce, Andrew Jackson; Guillermo Celle, Gray Collegiate; James Diblom, Christ Episcopal Church; Red Feldman, St. Joseph’s Catholic; Tyson Vonderbork, Andrew Jackson; GT Gardner, Gray Collegiate; Hampton Hughes, Christ Episcopal Church; Patrick Kokaba, St. Joseph’s Catholic; Ryan Cosrow, Gray Collegiate; Tywin McDavies, Philip Simmons; Owen Phillips. Andrew Jackson; Alanzo Reed, Columbia; Mathieu Simon, St. Joseph’s Catholic; Aiden Spinks, Christ Episcopal Church; Tucker Sprovera, Philip Simmons; Carlos Vasquez, Gray Collegiate; Woods Wyndham, Christ Episcopal Church

Class A boys

Alex Berg, Palmetto Academy of Scientists; Lucas Caprides, Royal Life Oaks Academy; Russell Dakota, Bamberg-Ehrhardt; Marshall Dunn, Dixie; Alex Hersberger, Dixie; Kevin Jimenez, Royal Life Oaks Academy; Justin Keizer, Southside Christian; Matthew Langals, Southside Christian; Isaac Mason, Southside Christian; James MacIntosh, Bamberg-Ehrhardt; Andrew Nichols, Dixie; Milad Rahimi, Palmetto Academy of Scholars; Michael Rodriguez, Royal Life Oaks Academy; Ben Vanvik, Southside Christian; Austin Wilson, Dixie

Class 5A Girls

Lilly Aldrich, Mauldin; Mary Madison Alton, J.L. Mann; Eli Bessinger, J.L. Mann; Callie-Bossack, Wando; Caitlin Carroll, Nation Ford; Autumn Kylie. T.L. Hanna; Kylie; Seno, Wando; Alana Colbert, River Bluff; Callie Davis, Mauldin; Brooke Dudley, Chapin; Stella Garcia, Wade Hampton G; Dylan Harder, Fort Mill; Maggie Heffernan, Lexington; Peyton Henderson, Chapin; Logan Keats, Lexington; Kennedy Little, Fort Mill; Olivia Macpherson, Clover; Savannah Mellon, Clover; Kylie Richer, St. James; Campbell Roberson, Wade Hampton G; Evelyn Wright, Blythwood; Katie Zelsky, Ashley Ridge

Class 4A Girls

Monserrate Avila Gutierrez, North Augusta; Olivia Briggs, James Island; Libby Hardin, Dreeh; Claudia Hassell, Lucy Beckham; Taylor Hurtow, James Island; Anna Hussey, Myrtle Beach; Liliana Lacovano and Lucy Beckham; Lindsey Malesick, Aiken; Irish Miles, North Augusta; Delaney Minor, AC Flora; Harley Morales, South Aiken; Jasmine Nixon, Land of India; Anna Claire Platt, South Aiken; Lily Ray, James Island; Gabe Redman, James Island; Mallory Rich, Aiken; Ella Rollins, East Side; Grace Weberman, A.C. Flora; Ab White, River May; Ashley Rose Wilson, Travelers Rest; Quinn Wilson, Beaufort; Natalie Yarm, East Side

Class 3 A Girls

Marie Arcambault, Academic Magnet; Shee Baldwin, Oceanside Collegiate; Lauren Berrigan, Bishop of England; Lucy Bora, Bishop of England; Julie Cosgrove, Oceanside Collegiate; Isabella de Marco, Bishop of England; Corinne Gregory, Wakamou; Katie Hudson, Daniel; Maisie Irby, Powdersville; Maris Jennings, Wakamou; Sarah Jones, Wakamou; Gracie Mochizuki, Academic Magnet; Kaelen Morris, Academic Magnet; Kenley Mosley, Gilbert; Kimberly Neely, Brookland – Case; Lindsey Bissell, Clinton; Mia Robinson, Camden; Lily Smith, Ren

Class A/2A Girls

Brian Bessinger, St. Joseph’s Catholic; Mackenzie Bundy, Buford; Ashlyn Devane, Southside Christian; Claire Essie and Philip Simmons; Jasmine Ford, Christ Episcopal Church; Carla Gordon, Gray Collegiate; Elie Gower, Southside Christian; Stephanie Kirk and Philip Simmons. Desi Comostiotis, Christ Episcopal Church; Victoria Cocopa, Catholic of St. Joseph; Billy Manfredi, St. Joseph’s Catholic; Eva McCoy, Southside Christian; Claire McKinley, The Catholic of St. Joseph; Lorraine Mon, Christ Episcopal Church; Harley Payne, Andrew Jackson; Maggie Rogers, Christ Episcopal Church; Mary Russell, Christ Episcopal Church; Jane Szlosek, Philip Simmons

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