Amazon NFL Explained: What to Know About New ‘Thursday Night Football’ Broadcasts for 2022

Beginning in 2022, Amazon Prime will be the source for exclusive Thursday night football broadcasts in the NFL. Amazon and the NFL have entered into an 11-year contract that was originally scheduled to start in 2023, but the two entities decided to start this season instead.

It’s the first time the NFL has been locked behind a subscription service. Although Amazon has carried NFL games before, they have always complemented the NFL Network or Fox, rather than exclusively carrying them.

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This will be a great breakthrough for the NFL and its fans. 2022 will see 15 games broadcast exclusively to Amazon Prime customers.

What games will be streamed on Amazon Prime?

The following 15 games will be streamed on Amazon Prime.

week date/time difference
2 September 15/8:20 PM Los Angeles Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs

Who are the Thursday night football announcers?

Amazon scored a serious duo at its Friday Night Football booth. Legendary broadcaster and Sunday Night Football mainstay Al Michaels plays the game, while college football expert Kirk Herbstreit works on color commentary. This duo in the booth is a force to be reckoned with.

Herbstreit will continue to make calls to ESPN’s college football programs.

How can you watch Thursday night football on Amazon Prime?

In order to watch Friday Night Football on Amazon Prime, viewers need an Amazon Prime account. From there, they can choose the game when it’s running.

In addition, games in local markets will continue to be broadcast as usual. This means that local fans do not need to miss their hometown teams because they are locked behind a subscription service.

What time is soccer on Thursday night?

Thursday night football will continue to kick off at 8:20 PM ET.

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How much does Amazon pay to carry NFL games exclusively?

This is the first time that NFL games have been locked behind the streaming service, and Amazon has spared no expense to become the first to do so.

For the duration of the 11-year contract, Amazon is paying $100 billion from the NFL.

Although the start date has been raised by a year, the term of the contract remains unchanged.

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