Bills QB Josh Allen friendship details with Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes

The 2021 AFC Quarterfinals match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills was the latest duel between two of the conference’s best quarterbacks. The epic fourth quarter was considered by many to be the greatest in history, and even led to changes in the NFL’s overtime rules.

The quarterback at the losing end of the match was Josh Allen, who, despite an impressive performance, failed again at Arrowhead Stadium. Ironically, he’ll team up with chief brokers Patrick Mahomes next month in a golf challenge against veterans Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.

Allen appeared as a guest on The Steam Room Podcast hosted by Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley to discuss his friendship and rivalry with Mahomes after last year’s fight.

“I mean, we were in Miami this weekend in Formula One,” Allen started. “We were texting to see if we (both) were there on Saturday night. He’s facing me and he’s like, ‘Come here.’ And you know, sure, we went up and parked for an hour and a half, two hours, just kind of hanging out, talking, having a good time. I’ve been around a few times around Patrick (Mahomes), but every time I’m around he’s just a great guy. He’s a great personality. It’s fun to be around. And obviously, all the respect I have from the field, I think it’s a different vibe than he thinks People “.

Allen has a career record of 1-3 against Mahomes and the Chiefs, with his only win last October at the Bills Sunday night 38-20 victory at Arrowhead Stadium. Buffalo is 0-2 against Mahomes and The Chiefs in the playoffs, which is where the idea of ​​a bitter rivalry comes from.

“Again, when we’re getting ahead in this area, we were meant to be competitive,” Allen explained. “It’s the old motto, ‘You have to hate your enemy.’ But I would say we have a really good relationship, especially, you know, for the kind of games we tend to play in. The AFC (Championship) two years ago, obviously, the division last year. But he’s – he’s cool. He really is. I love being around him. And I’m really excited about this opportunity with him. Because I think the other side, they’re going to excel a little bit more, than me and Pat, I think we’ll feed each other really well.”

The rival pair will be teammates on the golf course for the upcoming edition of “The Match.” The two would face Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, so Allen didn’t want to reveal too many team secrets during the podcast.

“I’m seven and five,” Allen said when asked about his golf handicap, followed by an unwillingness to reveal Mahomes’ progress. “I don’t know. But he gave me a score. I’m not going to give you any clue. So you can tell Tom and Aaron, so I know you’re going to run and tell him. But he had a good run last week so we’d be in good shape and not give up on the tee. We just have to make some hits.”

Barkley, a golf fan, spoke briefly about playing a round of golf with both Mahomes and Travis Kelsey in the past at the American Century Championships.

“I actually played Pat at Tahoe a couple of years ago,” Barkley said. “Which really, he hasn’t been playing golf for long. And man, his speed across the ball was intense – I’ve played with him and Travis, and they’ll keep going. Yeah, now he has no idea what he was doing, but it was great to watch.”

A golf match is shaping up to be as exciting as playing on a soccer field. We’ll soon see which player has the best golf in front of a national audience.

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