Chelsea in no rush to return Ben Chilwell from ACL surgery

When I had ACL replacement surgery nearly three years ago, doctors told me that the key to rehabilitation was consistency and an appropriate level of loading. Surfing for three months was a surefire way to shoot again, but not pushing too hard will likely lead to an incomplete recovery. (And this is the purely physical part, without touching perhaps the biggest piece, the mental aspect).

In my case, that meant ten days of nothing (ice baby), about a month before I started returning to the gym for basic exercises, two months before I started exercising more aggressively with weights and running, and about six months before than anything more complex that may include torsion and loading. (Then the epidemic spread, so another year passed before I could get back to playing.)

I’m clearly not a professional athlete who can (and needs) to devote himself completely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to this one task and only one task – and I also have access to the best in state-of-the-art recovery techniques, equipment, and coaches. Also, everyone is different and schedules change based on progress. But considering that it has been just over five (5) months since Ben Chilwell’s ACL surgery, he has made tremendous progress. It’s not even a totally nonsensical question whether he’s actually going to play this great season.

Photo by Chris Brunskill/Fantasysta/Getty Images

Fortunately, we are not returning it, as Thomas Tuchel assures us.

“He trained with the U-16 and U-18 football sessions. Nice to see him, he’s very positive and can’t wait to start training the team again. It’s not time yet, but it’s very important that it’s positive and everything is going the way. Right with the patience we need.

“We are expecting it [he won’t return this season], nothing else. There are no expectations for this season and we are not going to rush things. It is very important that the knee gets its time to heal.

“Ben knows it’s important not to take any risks now, we expect him to be in good shape and to have his best in order to prepare in July and then hopefully he can get his form back, because you never know there’s a big injury. We are very happy he’s back.”

Thomas Tuchel. Source: Chelsea 5 Stand

Chelsea’s best period of the season, until October and November, has been the dozens of games Chilwell has already played – yes, he’s only made 12, only half of which have come in the Premier League – and getting him back would certainly be great. Strengthen. But recovering from such a major injury and surgery is never easy, and a full recovery, both mentally and physically, can take longer than just an actual rehabilitation time frame.

Making sure Chilwell recovers fully is essential, and being patient with the final steps, whether it’s now, in the summer, or early next season, will be key to a full and lasting recovery – and future success.

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