Chicago Bulls: Two Deals to Consider

After falling for the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the NBA playoffs, the Chicago Bulls should consider trades to boost their roster. Chicago started this hot season, with Demar DeRozan He looks like an early MVP candidate and the team is showing that they have excelled in the season. Fast forward after the All-Star break, the Bulls started to fall off and looked completely uninspired during qualifying. The pieces are there, should the team stay healthy next season, for a legitimate round. It all starts, though, with keeping Zach Lavigne This is offseason. This seems likely, so the bulls could consider upgrading the rest of their roster.

Chicago Bulls: Two Deals to Consider

direct swap

The Chicago Bulls receive Isaac Okoro.

The Cleveland Cavaliers welcome Kobe White.

As Chicago began to fall, it became clear that they needed a lot of help with the wing. Patrick Williams He was injured, to be fair, but there were no drastic improvements upon his return. Williams will play a key role next season once he’s fully recovered, but the Bulls can still use more help. This is where Okoro steps in. This season he averaged nearly nine points and three plates per game. Sure, those numbers aren’t striking, but he’s only 21 years old. The Okoro is very sporty and is an almost perfect replacement for Williams. Once his shots improve, and signs appear there this season, Okoro could become a powerful “3D” player.

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Okoro is valuable to Cleveland, although the Cavaliers really need backcourt help. It remains to be seen what the future holds Colin SextonBut Darius Garland Star. The Cavaliers can falter when Garland is not on the field, so they need a reliable bench player. White could fill this role. This season, White has averaged around 13 points, three rebounds, and three assists per game for the Bulls. It is also a very powerful shooter. Chicago has Lonzo PoolAnd Alex CarusoAnd Ayo Dosunmoso White is probably not consumable.

Change frontal area

The Chicago Bulls receive Marcus Morris and Ivica Zupak and a second-round pick.

Los Angeles Clippers receive Nikola Vucevic.

Vucevich showed a bit lower in Chicago than in years past with the Orlando Magic. Maybe it’s fitting, or maybe Chicago has plenty of stellar talent to roam with, something that was a rarity in Orlando. This makes Vucevich somewhat unconsumable.

Once again, Chicago needs the winger’s help. They have a lot of experience here in Morris. He defends well, can score in many ways, and is a high energy player. Morris seems to fit this Bulls roster well.

The bulls will still need a center, of course, and they’ll get Zubac here. Zwiback continues to be underrated, averaging around 10 points, nine rebounds and a block per game this season. He is also only 25 years old.

The Clippers are on a winning streak now, especially with Kohi Leonard And Paul George Be healthy next season. For this reason, they will be looking to add as much talent as possible and will be open to Vucevic’s high salary. Vucevic remains a player who can score close to 20 points and have double-digit rebounds per match. It would be a perfect complement to the superstar duo Clippers Norman Powell And Reggie Jackson.

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