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Could Simmons be traded before he plays for the Nets? Originally featured on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Ben Simmons underwent back surgery last week and is expected to make a full recovery before starting training camp ahead of the 2022-23 season, which is a good sign for Nets fans eager for their third star and for Sixers fans ready to see what Simmons will look like next. Insanely long layoff.

But what about… the Hawks fans?

Wait a minute.

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Simmons hasn’t played an organizational minute with the Nets, but the Hawks beat writer Chris Kirchner wrote in a mailbag at The Athletic this week that he’ll be watching Simmons this off-season if he’s an Atlanta fan while the Hawks explore trade possibilities for the promotion before next year.

Here’s Kirchner:

“I would also like to keep an eye on Simmons as well. Many people within the Hawks organization wanted Simmons to be on the trade deadline. The price might not be high to achieve now, especially if Brooklyn decides to go ahead before he plays one nets.”

Jeez. Can you imagine?

If Simmons was traded from Brooklyn without ever setting foot on the field during the game…my mind would be bogged down. Don’t get overwhelmed by taking a year off due to a host of muddled business demands, mental health issues, and back issues – however it can still happen.

The grumbles come from Kirchner when asked if the Utah Jazz star — Donovan Mitchell or Rudy Gobert — could be an answer for the Hawks, who after miracle came to the Eastern Conference Finals last season woefully short this year. It’s quite clear that the Hawks’ roster needs to be retooled as they look to build a rival around Trae Young; I’m not quite sure Simmons is the answer out there, even if it’s priced lower than it was six months ago.

Young has shown himself as a somewhat controlling goalkeeper, someone who doesn’t really thrive off the ball. Only 5.6% of his shots last year were quick shots, while 47.3% (!) of his shots came after seven or more dribbles.

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Simmons is of course especially useless without the ball in his hands (reminder: he can’t shoot) in the middle of the field, which presents a serious problem for team building for supplement success.

Because of his limitations, I don’t know who Simmons would actually be right for. But being traded with the team that started their year of chaos, without playing with the team that was initially traded, surely would be a thing!

we will see.

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