Crystal Cave Guide on the Elden Ring Lake: How to Beat the Knight Bloodhound

In Elden Ring, crawling through dungeons is one of the best ways to collect crafting materials, collect the best spells, and test your fighting skills. Lakeside Crystal Cave Not unlike, offering plenty of loot, but also challenging in the form of a dungeon boss.

Not only does Lakeside Crystal Cave boast tons of crafting materials, but it also hides Smithing Stones and some very good spells. If you use a spear or are in dire need of more HP, the rewards from this cave will be a treat.

It is said, go head to head with Police dog knight Not a pleasant experience at all. Without further ado, here’s exactly how to make your way through the Lakeside Crystal Cave without missing any items, and how to beat the Bloodhound Knight’s dungeon boss.

Lakeside Crystal Cave Elements

  • leaf artery
  • moss cave
  • crystal cave moss
  • cradle moss cave
  • soft cotton
  • silver fireflies
  • huge monster bone
  • lump of meat
  • throwing daggers
  • Smithing Stones
  • Talisman Spear
  • Cerulean Amber Medal

How to make your way through Lakeside Crystal Cave

Lakeside Crystal Cave is located in Liurnia of the Lakes. You can reach the cave by going to Slumbering Wolf’s Shack Site of Grace and travel straight north.

Head into the cave, and take a lantern or torch with you to help see how dark it is. Open the chest next to the blessing to recover a file leaf artery.

Turn left around the cave below, and remove the Demi-Humans here that will jump towards you throughout the cave. Expand the rocks in front of you to find another campfire corpse that you can loot x3 huge monster bone.

You’ll need to climb some rocks to reach this corpse in the Crystal Lake Cave in Elden Ring.

Go back to where you dealt with the Demi-Humans and continue to the left and along the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel there is another large room with more enemies to face. At the back of the room, you will find another chest containing Talisman SpearAnd you can also get a lot of moss cave and multiple silver fireflies this too.

In the Lakeside Crystal Cave, the Spear Talisman can be found in this chest.

Leave the room again, and right in front of you (where the big cave is), you will notice that you can go down. Go down carefully until you reach a platform with a candle and another tunnel, be sure to grab the different types of moss cave Along the way.

You’ll get used to making your way through the caves on the Elden Ring at this point.

Through the tunnel there is a small room with a corpse that you can loot × 5 throwing daggers From some crystal spirals that will shoot projectiles at you, and another tunnel that will come down to you.

In the next room, a corpse carrying a Golden Rune It can be found. You will then come to the cave again, and can go down some more. The first platform you jumped to will have a corpse 2x soft cotton to collect it.

At the bottom, you will find three bodies. It will be two of them Smithing Stonesand the third will have lump of meat. Loot these, straight head.

The three corpses below this platform in the Lakeside Crystal Cave contained smithing stones and a lump of flesh.

Sooner or later, after passing more crystal snails, you will reach the boss’s square with the Bloodhound Knight. Make sure you’re ready!

How to beat the crystal cave named Bloodhound Knight of Lakeside Crystal

Provided you’ve mastered the art of trying to be patient while playing Elden Ring, this fight won’t affect you much. If you’re still working on it, make sure you take a deep breath before jumping into this fight, and try not to rush too much with your attacks.

The Bloodhound Knight of Lakeside Crystal Cave is by no means an easy feat, and this is one of those fights where you might want to study their attacks for a try or two before really getting into the knight.

The movement of a hound knight usually starts with his sword and lots of chops. You can see when the rider finishes this move, because he will charge you before executing several side dashes, and then a forward slash. If you plan to play at close range, you will be able to dodge the initial slashes. However, his last slash will ask you to back off. So, keep a distance while the rider does this movement or remember: Roll forward, then roll back.

As for other attacks the Bloodhound Knight might use, you’ll want to look for his great swordfight, teleportation attack. The first is a slight variation on one of the standard moves a jockey uses, so it can surprise you at first. Whenever it appears that the knight is attacking you with his sword being dragged on the ground beside them, they are likely planning to lift the sword up and guide you with it. In this case, you can bypass the attack and reposition before he deals with his next attack.

The latter, the teleportation attack, will be used to close the distance between the two of you. So, if you plan to attack from a distance, this attack will likely put a wrench in the works (although its agility and unpredictability have already done so). When the rider makes this movement, he will not be as visible as he is doing. You’ll need to fend off the attack if you have the means, or dodge as quickly as possible before changing its position.

Now, if you manage to build wits and use all things magical, make sure to check your spells before jumping into this fight. Choose any fast spells and they can be used in different ranges. For this type of combat, I find Karian’s magic to have some of the best spells that always come out on top against melee enemies. For example, Carian Piercer, Magic Glintblade, or Glintblade Phalanx are all viable options to take on the Bloodhound Knight.

Finally, if all else fails, the summons to this battle is allowed. Never neglect to summon your favorite Spirit Ashes if you’re in trouble, because that’s what they’re for. The summon will be able to take a lot of aggressiveness for you and will regularly distract the Bloody Knight from attacking you, so you can fill flasks or launch your own attacks!

With the Bloodhound knight of Lakeside Crystal Cave finally falling, they will fall Cerulean Amber Medal as a reward for you. This spell will boost your FP, making it very useful if you are a magic user or a fan of spamming your weapons skills.

If you prefer jousting with knights, you should check out the Abandoned Cave and Stillwater Cave. Alternatively, if you’re looking to do something different in The Lands Between, Elden Ring’s guide is packed with ideas and tips.

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