D’Angelo Russell may not be the right short-term fix

Timberwolves guard D’Angelo Russell may be on the move out of the season. With the Knicks needing guard help, could the former All-Star star be an answer?

Another guard point in the headlines, another connection to the New York Knicks. This time, the Minnesota Timberwolves are guarded by D’Angelo Russell, according to a ReportAnd Will be shopping this summer. Russell is an interesting player and New York could be a potential landing point. Coming out of a strong season where it is Average 18.1 points and 7.1 assists in a game, the highest fishing total of his seven-year career, and Russell just might be the missing floor that the New York general has been desperately searching for.

per ESPN and The New York Times NBA reporter Mark Stein on Substack:

The future of another prominent left-leaning guard in the West has become more uncertain after Minnesota’s exit in the first round. D’Angelo Russell ended up on the bench at a critical time in the Timberwolves’ final season 6 loss to the Memphis and averaged just 12.0 points per game over 33.3% in shooting in his second career streak. Many rival teams expect the Wolves to try to trade Russell this season regardless of Russell’s close relationship with Minnesota star Karl-Anthony Towns. Russell, 26, has one season on his contract with $31.4 million.

Although Russell has had a good season and has played most of his games since the 2018-2019 season, his disappointing performances have made Minnesota seemingly ready to move on. New York has already been linked with another Western Conference point guard, Dallas Mavericks’ Galen Bronson, who is set to be a free agent this summer. The Mavs are currently in a dogfight against the Phoenix Suns in the second round of the NBA playoffs and Bronson was a major catalyst in his team’s success, also maintaining the fort in the first round against Utah with Luka Doncic injured. Dallas might think twice before letting him walk into the next free agency term.

If you chase after New York Bronson or Russell, it will cost them more than just money. The Knicks will have to give up the venture capital and existing players they may not be willing to part with for a player who could end up renting for one season in a deal with Russell, a free agent in 2023. However, with the cautious combo of an impending expired deal Validity, New York can have some leverage and you may not have to give up much in a potential deal.

For Bronson, on the other hand, the Knicks front office may have to do a few things Expert maneuver The veteran goalkeeper is in a signing and trading deal with the Mavs – a move that requires the transfer of existing players and possibly other assets. Player transactions can be complicated especially when there are additional steps involved. Rick, Bronson’s father, was a former Knicks guard, a fact that could work to both sides.

The Knicks front desk should be under no pressure to make any drastic off-season moves. With a core still in development, all moves should be stable and meant to compliment younger players, not replace them with another unlucky quick fix or another heavy bout. D’Angelo Russell is a prime candidate for this. As a player he had a severe injury recently DateAnd That could be bad for the Knicks. With recent injury woes, particularly in a guard position with Derek Rose and Kemba Walker last season, New York cannot add a player they can’t count on day and night. The hotspot conversation is always a popular topic for Knicks as they continue their search for a permanent solution. They may not have to look any longer or even exit the organization-With Emmanuel Quikli Already in the fold and a decent selection in talented project Nicks could find his answer at absolutely no cost.

This point was stressful, but the Knicks are still a rebuilding team with a growing harvest of Good, young players. Disabling that for the player does not change the franchise is not worth the risk. Perhaps the best decision New York could make is to continue the path for him continuity Don’t disrupt what they’ve built yet. D’Angelo Russell is a good player and on the right team he can help them compete but he is not the answer to the New York Knicks. It’s hard to imagine a deal for Russell because he doesn’t necessarily raise the bar for the team. With one year left on his current contract, he could easily be out next summer, leaving New York with a new set of questions at the lookout once again.

If New York is determined to add a dynamic player through trade, they should set their sights higher. With persistent rumors about Donovan Mitchell His departure from jazz and his relationship with New York, it would be wise for the Knicks to begin their search there. Unlike Russell or Bronson, an All-Star player like Mitchell raises New York’s expectations. It cost twice as much as the other two goalkeepers mentioned, but New York immediately expects to be a playoff contender, presumably becoming more attractive to other players in the future.

The Knicks’ mental confidence should understand that there should be no rush to make a serious move for marginal improvement this summer. The Eastern Conference is full of championship contenders, and New York is not one of them as a team that is still building at the moment. If, or when, the right star becomes available, the Knicks (like Mitchell) should swoop in, but for now it’s probably the best possible and cost-effective answer internally as they continue to build.

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