Dribble Handoff: Which Elusive Team Could Be College Basketball’s Rich Strike, Win the 2023 NCAA Tournament

The similarities between college basketball and horse racing are minimal, but one trait that both athletes share is that their respective fan bases love to bet on the underdogs. It was less than two months ago when the nation began to fall in love with St. Peter when the 15th-ranked Peacock performed a miracle that began with an all-time stunner from Kentucky in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

Anyone who bet on St Peter’s during her legendary run to the Elite Eight has embraced Peacock’s underdog status in every match they won. But St. Peter couldn’t win it all like Rich Strike did on Saturday at the Kentucky Derby. With odds of 80-1, Rich Strike came from behind to win and became the second biggest long shot ever to capture the Kentucky Derby.

Could a team with such tall odds in the college basketball era win the National title? While the NCAA tournament regularly produces unexpected deep runs from poorly ranked teams, it’s usually a big name that ends up lifting the trophy at the end. With the help of early national title odds from Caesars Sportsbook, our writers look ahead to the 2022-23 season and pay tribute to Rich Strike by picking the team with 80-1 or worse odds that they think could win the National Title Cup next season.

Here are the picks for CBS Sports college basketball experts Gary Parrish, Matt Norlander, Kyle Boone and David Cope.


Prospect: 150-1

Obviously, I don’t think any team has 80-1 (or worse) odds of winning a national title. It is possible but not likely. However, I will go with Dayton because the Flyers are the highest rated team in Top 25 and 1 Who meets the criteria for this question. They’re 100-1 to win the 2023 NCAA Championship – but I love them more than that. Dayton would bring back the top five scorers from a team that was literally the last team to be eliminated from the 2022 NCAA Championship. Four of those players—including high school top 100 player Da Ron Holmes, who averaged 12.8 points and 6.1 rebounds—were from New students who will become sophomores. If they develop and grow together properly, pilots should compete with St. Louis for the top 10 Atlantic. – Gary Parish


Prospect: 100-1

It’s hard to imagine anyone winning the 2023+7000 title or worse, but then: that’s the point of this post. Gimme Ed Cooley Guys. The brothers emerge from their first regular season title in the Big East in the program’s history, a Sweet 16 race for the first time under Cooley and will bring back Jared Bynum. Noah Locke of Louisville (9.6 dpi), Devin Carter of South Carolina (9.0 parts per gallon) and Bryce Hopkins of Kentucky (a measly 2.1 dpi) could easily move into big transfer seasons as Al Durham and Noah Horschler did last season. The Big East will also be a little more slick next season. Creighton may be the favourite, but Villanova will be more of an unknown in the year 22-23 than at any time in the past decade. The program’s momentum is there, and it’s not hard to see the brothers get 5 seeds or better again. They are the candidates for the Rich Strike. Speaking of which, there may not be a better coach that I see working on the right track than Cole. – Matt Norlander


Prospect: 150-1

LSU shot Will Wade before the 2022 NCAA Championships and smartly found Murray State’s Matt McMahon. Since arriving, LSU’s McMahon has made Murray State in the south–but in the most endearing way–by securing transfer commitments from three of last season’s top four scorers on a team that went 31-3 and unbeaten in the Ohio Valley Conference play. LSU also has two Top 100 incoming recruits and three other committed transfers in Cam Hayes, NC, Derek Fountain, Mississippi, and Kendall Coleman in Northwestern. The Tigers are quite a wild card – how talent is transferred at Murray State is a question, and effectively replacing the entire roster is unknown – but McMahon is a revered tactical who appears to be starting with a clean slate at Baton Rouge. If the unknown becomes known, and good Known at the time, then LSU could come out of nowhere from an interesting program by appearing for a real competitor in the next season. – Kyle Boone


Prospect: 150-1

If coach Jim Laranaga can cement some depth from the young back half of his roster, his side could build their success in 2022 and be a national contender for the Black Horses next season. Hurricanes lose a pair of Elite Eight team mates in Kam McGusty and Charlie Moore. But with the help of the booster John Ruiz, they landed two High ranking transfers This is off season in former Kansas State guard Nigel Buck and former Arkansas State forward Norshad Omer.

Star goalkeeper Isaiah Wong returns after him threatening to leave If zero compensation is not increased. He is expected to be joined by veteran contributors Anthony Walker and Jordan Miller. Those three, along with two big incoming transfers, give Miami a great start and five experience. Replacing the protection offered by graduating megaman Sam Wardenburg will be among the obstacles. But if the four-star Favor Air Freshman Center can help, that team could be in the hunt for even with odds currently at 150-1. – David Cope

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