EA Sports loses FIFA license, will change soccer video game to EA Sports FC in 2023

The soccer soccer video game that players have enjoyed for years will be gone after its maker failed to strike a new licensing deal with world soccer’s governing body.

Instead, Electronic Arts Sports will introduce a new game – EA Sports FC – for 2023. EA’s partnership with FIFA expires later this year. FIFA said on Monday it had decided to allow “third-party studios and publishers” to produce video games in the future.

“FIFA intends to work with a range of partners rather than securing all rights to games and esports exclusively with a single publisher over the long term,” the organization said.

FIFA is the rule-making agency behind European football, where across the pond is known as football and teams are known as clubs. The organization indicated that it would not renew exclusive game rights with EA last October.

$20 billion in sales

Electronic Arts have been producing FIFA for nearly three decades. During that time, the video game publisher said it had developed an impressive relationship with more than 150 million football fans around the world and helped FIFA gain visibility at a time when the brand was vilified amid a wave of arrests of football officials in Germany.

The New York Times reports that the video game has generated more than $20 billion in sales over the past two decades for FIFA and EA.

President Gianni Infantino said the naming agreement for the FIFA 2022 or FIFA 2023 video game will remain with the organization. Officials have not revealed which other gaming companies will make FIFA brand football video games on their behalf.

“I can assure you that the only real game called FIFA will be the best game available to players and football fans,” Infantino said in a statement on Monday.

For many players and sports fans, FIFA means a video game and not a sports organization. Now FIFA will have to search for new video game partners. EA CEO Andrew Wilson said the company is moving and focusing its energy toward the new video game franchise.

“We have a fantastic opportunity to put EA Sports FC at the center of the sport and bring more innovative and authentic experiences to a growing football audience,” he said.

EA officials have said that the new video game will acquire licenses from LaLiga, Bundesliga and other major European football leagues to display teams on the platform. They said that licenses from those leagues were a key feature and a favorite of players who loved previous FIFA games.

“Everything you love about our games will be a part of EA Sports FC – there will be the same great experiences, modes, leagues, leagues, clubs and athletes,” said Cam Webber, Executive Vice President of EA Sports and Racing. statment. “We exist to create the future of football fans – whether virtual or real, digital or physical, everything is in football.”

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