Edmonton Oilers is looking for a faster start and more consistency

Edmonton – Time is running out for oilers.

Another sluggish start led to another loss on Tuesday, and now Edmonton is a must-win region, losing 3-2 to the Los Angeles Kings in the first-round series.

“It is disappointing. You obviously never like to lose, “Captain Conor MacDavid He said after the Kings outperformed the Oilers 5-4 in overtime. “But they give you seven games for a reason and we need to go get one on the road and bring it back to Edmonton.”

Being on the verge of elimination is surprising for a team that finished the regular season on hold, scoring 11-2-1 in April.

Usually a slow start plagued the Oilers during playoffs, giving the Kings a chance to overpower and stifle their powerful attack. The first team on the scoreboard wins the first five matches of the series.

In order to keep the season alive with a win in Game Six on Thursday, Edmonton must be ready when you drop the disc, said the forward. Leon Drystel.

“The answer is in the room. We have to come out stronger,” he said. “We haven’t really got those last two games, not really any games in the series. So we’re looking forward to doing that.”

Oilers coach Jay Woodcroft said Tuesday’s start to the game wasn’t quite as good as it should have been, but there are still positives to take from the loss.

Going down 3-1 early in the third inning, Edmonton rushed into the final frame, scoring a pair of power-playing goals and a short-running tally to force overtime.

“We want to mobilize the energy in the third period, the chemistry that we found in the third period, and bring that into the beginning of the game,” Woodcroft said.

Edmonton’s special teams were solid early in the playoffs, with playing strength 7 for 17 in their first five games while Los Angeles is just 2 for 22.

Stars like Draisaitl and McDavid were solid, each scoring three points on Tuesday nights. Draisaitl sits at seven points (five goals, two assists) during the series and Lamkedavid has nine (two goals, seven assists).

Los Angeles distributed scoring, with Philip Danault (three goals, two passes), Adrian Kempe (two goals, three assists) and Trevor Moore (Two goals, three assists) Each has five points.

The kings permeated goalkeeper Oilers Mike Smith With a wide variety of shots from all over the ice, blocking the neutral zone and forcing the putschists to prevent Edmonton’s top pitchers from disturbing the L.A.’s Nightminder team Jonathan Quick.

Both teams had good moments throughout the series, Woodcroft said, adding that Edmonton needed to piece their dreams together for a “full 60”.

“Both teams know exactly how the other team wants to play the match,” the coach said. “It’s about who gets out and plays the match.” “We know we can do better. Our focus is on reviving the athletes and getting their minds right, so we can win one game in Los Angeles.”

Driesitl said replaying a crucial game after a loss isn’t always easy, but the team knows they have no other choice.

“We had to go to LA and win one game and bring it back here and that’s what we’re focused on,” he said. “We know we can be a lot better. So just go ahead and make sure we’re ready for the next stage.”

This report was first published by The Canadian Press on May 11, 2022.

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