Fantasy Football Superflex ADP Analysis: Deshaun Watson, Cooper Cope, Jonathan Taylor (2022)

As the 2022 NFL Draft begins to burn and smoke billows far into the night sky, we turn our attention to the ramifications of free agency and the draft. The main parts of the franchises are there, and we can start focusing on the initial crafting places for the upcoming season.
While many things can change between now and the time we craft our fantasy rosters, it’s a good idea to get your finger on the pulse of the fantasy football crafting community. The best way to find out what people think about certain players is to check their Average Draft Mode (ADP). After researching Superflex ADP pre-season, here are a few that caught my eye.

All ADP data comes from Underdog Fantasy.

Deshaun Watson (QB-CLE) in the second round?

When doing the first data scan, the thing that jumps right off the screen is Deshaun Watson’s ADP at 22 overall. This puts him at the end of the second round in a 12-team league. This seems far-fetched due to the amount of unknowns and dangers surrounding it. His hype is strong now that he’s traded with the Cleveland Browns and signed a five-year, fully guaranteed contract worth $230 million. Under normal circumstances, it’s a first-round pick in this recording format, but Watson doesn’t handle under normal circumstances.

Watson faces 22 separate civil lawsuits for alleged sexual assault of masseuses in the Houston area. In his favour, two separate grand juries refused to proceed with a criminal case against him. From a criminal standpoint, it appears that Watson will avoid any further prosecution. The problem with civil cases is what happens under the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy. They have the power to impose whatever punishment they see fit.

Another potential red flag looming about Watson’s current ADP is the precedent set by Major League Baseball and how they dealt with all-star bowler, Trevor Power. Bauer was given a two-year suspension for sexual assault. Although they are different entities, that could put pressure on the NFL to match the penalty. If the discipline was too tight, your second-round pick was wasted. If the NFL decides to be less strict, he still faces a multi-game suspension. Let Watson be someone else’s problem in the current ADP.

Where is the first round of regional representatives?

In the Superflex format, the first round was flooded with choices of the middle. Even in this form, the all-important rear running position always fills in the cracks left by the QBs. Barring this season so far, there are far fewer reserve players coming up early. In the first round, only Jonathan Taylor and Christian McCaffrey advance to the top ten. This means that you expect a big win over other players in the second round. Except for the pattern continuing with Derek Henry and Austin Eckler only approaching the top 20. The third round contributed three more RB players, making a total of seven players only two backs in the top 30 selection.

So far, the creators of Fantasy seem to be acting cautiously regarding regional offices. Last season he had a large number of full-backs who lost time due to injury. These big players in your IR are likely to cost you a trial cost of capital from the first round. Rather than risk injuring your top pick, going ahead with a relatively safer wide receiver seems to be the consensus plan.

Cooper Kupp (WR – LAR) is a first-round pick

Kupp has always been an underappreciated gem in the world of fantasy football in PPR formats. It was easy to add to your team without giving up a big selection and help your team year after year. Now if you want it in your spacious reception room, you’ll pay. The cup exploded last season after Matt Stafford threw the ball at him. Kupp ended up with 145 receptions, just under 2,000 yards, and 16 touchdowns.

Cobb’s illustrious season made him just 17 yards short of Calvin Johnson’s one-season record of 1964 yards in 2012. Cope had an extra game to set the stats due to the season’s expansion, but he produced in the games he was required to play. It is also worth noting that Kupp had only four receptions behind the historical leader Michael Thomas. It has truly been a record-breaking season for him.

Pre-Season ADP

While it is important to gauge player value during the spring and summer, it is good to remember that this is ‘pre-season’. Lots of things can and will change during the break between your NFL draft and your fantasy draft. Player values ​​will rise and fall depending on any news updates throughout the season. Keep tabs on the ADP player and be prepared to adjust the ranking accordingly.

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