Game Preview #32: Piraeus vs. Taeyeon (Blue Jays @ Yankees)

After a heavy loss last night, the Blue Jays are back at it early today, looking to earn the split in this short streak of two games against the Yankees. It’s one of the earliest beginnings of the year today, beginning at 12:35 ET.

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Jose Perios will be looking to get his season back on track this afternoon, after some ups and downs so far. The bad was exceptionally brutal, with the opening day disaster still in everyone’s memory, plus 6 clunker runs last time. Unfortunately, with his three good starts (4 runs in 18.2 innings combined), he still showed a bit of rust and was hit really well, giving up 20 times in those 18.2 innings. But it’s definitely much better than it showed, and hopefully it will warm up as the weather does. But the 5.34 ERA and 5.21 FIP are a pair that run higher than I was sure many were expecting.

This will be Piraeus’ second start against the Yankees, and the first to fall outside of the two categories mentioned above. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t a good start either. He made 5 runs, allowing 3 runs on 6 runs, and hitting 5. But he also walked 3 and allowed a pair of home runs, back-to-back by Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo in the fifth.

Yankees writer

Jameson Taeyeon is having a great start to his season, and will try to continue that today. With 5 starts and 25.1 innings, Taillon is 2-1 with a 2.84 ERA. He has 21 runs for only 2 walks all season, and 3 home runs. They still manage his workload quite a bit, ensuring a sturdy build. He’s been in 29 games last year averaging just under 5 rounds per start, so the Yankees are definitely aware that he’s not going to delve into the games for them. But twice through the order is all they really need from it.

This will be Taillon’s third start against the Blue Jays, and he’s been having a good time so far. During 11 innings, he allowed only 3 runs with 10 hits, didn’t walk with nothing and hit 10. George Springer hit a two-round shot in the first game, but other than that, he kept the Jays rackets in the yard.

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Yesterday’s heroes

Mike Trout went 3-4 with a pair of home runs, one and a walk, driving in 3 runs to take the Monster Bat home. It wasn’t even the second biggest story out of that game, nor did Ohtani either. The second biggest story was Anthony Rendon hitting quarterback Brett Phillips with his left hand, while we’ll get to the first later. But the Angels beat Reese 12-0, so that was also a good thing.

Apparently Aaron Judge takes the WPA King Cup with a .807 mark. That’s all I have to say about it.

The Pitcher of the Day was a surprisingly tight race, with Justin Verlander going 8 rounds, allowing only one hit and a 5 hit. But tonight was the Angels’ rookie king Reid Detmers, who threw the first full MLB game unharmed in the 2022 season. He successfully made 108 throws while facing the bottom line, his lone gait wiped out in a double play.

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