Is looming free agent Mitchell Robinson hinting at a Knicks return?

The big decision currently looming over the front office in the New York Knicks is whether to try to expand starting position Mitchell Robinson or allow him to become an unrestricted free agent this summer.

New York and Robinson have until the end of June to reach an agreement on an extension, and if they don’t it will be one of the most popular names in free agency.

Robinson continues to be a great edge protector who may not be averaging 20 points per game, but he will do the dirty work of blocking shots, bouncing the ball, and flying through the sky to throw rebound drenching. Not to mention he’s only 24 years old and has great potential.

Personally, I think Robinson’s extension is important for reasons other than just his basketball ability. Knicks haven’t had much success with draft selections in the past causing the team to keep recycling the “rebuild” process year after year.

Expanding the work of Robinson (and RJ Barrett) will help us define a culture here in New York. It’s time to start building something with players that the team takes advantage of. They were formulated for a reason, so keep them.

If it were up to me, I’d give Robinson his money, which could be as much as $15 million a year, and based on his recent social media activity, it looks like he wants to go back to Mecca.

Is Mitchell Robinson trying to say he wants to go back to the Knicks?

In April, Robinson posted an Instagram story showing that he gave a signed T-shirt to his high school, Chalmette. A photo was also taken of him and current manager Wayne Warner. Robinson was seen wearing a New York or Nowhere shirt.

Is this an extension? Most likely, yes. But this isn’t the only time Robinson has portrayed his love for New York on social media. He recently posted a story about him and Barrett in a Knicks costume (which Barrett also republished).

Robinson also loves to interact with Knicks fan accounts and tweet things that mention him.

What are you saying Mitch, give me a retweet here? It’s no secret that he loves New York and the Knicks. But the question is, if the two don’t end up working out by the June deadline, will he take a more lucrative bid from a different team or give New York his “hometown” opponent and come back?

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