Jackson Report: Ryan Locke scores a hat-trick in Springport Football’s win over Quincy

The Springport FC earned a hat-trick from Ryan Locke in a 4-0 win over Quincy on Tuesday.

Locke got his chance from a penalty kick in the 12th minute and sailed with a long shot to the left. Another chance was given in the 16th minute after a handball, a shot to the left of the goalkeeper opened to make it 1-0.

The Spartans made it 2-0 in the 29th minute as Skylyn Mulika’s shot was kicked by Quincy goalkeeper Danica Swift, but it deflected away from Mulika and passed Swift into the net.

Then Locke added two goals in the second half.

Northwest 1, Coldwater 0: The Mounties secured the closure of Interstate 8 by defeating Coldwater.

Piper Darrow made a goal against Kenzi Noon for the Northwest.

Northwest Coldwater defense shortened two shots on goal, both of which were saved by Skylar Tucker.

Lumen wins, tie with Northwest: Lumen Christi outperformed Northwest 3-2 in Match 1 with a double header with Game 2 ending in a 5-5 draw.

Gage Race hit seven in a total loss in Game 1. Easton Netitzky had a pair of hits.

Kobe Castle, Trey Collard, Ethan Ansbaugh and Lonzy Robinson got two hits for Mounties in game two.

Western Coldwater sweepers: In a major battle between the 8 states, West wrested a crushing attack on Coldwater, winning 4-1, 5-3 in eight rounds.

In the first game, the Panthers broke the tie 1-1 by three games sixth. Abby Neswinder had three hits, including her first single from RBI. Hailey Weissman hit 13.

In Game 2, Peyton Pod hit Homer the two-stroke for eighth. The Westerns jumped 3-1 ahead in sixth before Coldwater equalized in Game 7. Weisman hit nine in the match.

Springport earns a Quincy sweep: Springport won a pair of games over Quincy, 8-6, 16-1 in three runs.

The Spartans won the first one-leg match by Kelsey Spears. As I grew I hit 11 in the match.

Chloe Nellis contributed a triple.

Spears and Rebecca Bates scored twice in the second half.

Lake Grass Sweeps Edison: Grass Lake won two matches against Addison.

The Warriors won Game 1 13-0 in their third game in seven games. Lani Brown hit 12 of the 17 hits she faced in a five-stroke match.

In Game 2, Brown and Catelyn Postoma beat Grass Lake 7-1, hitting a circuit time and hitting 10 while walking once. I hit Berry salts twice in the house.

Western relations for second place in Mason: The Panthers finished one point in the championship, and tied for second at the Mason Invitational.

In doubles No. 2, Emma Reed and Bella Bruschapear won their trip, as did doubles No. 4 Gabe Davis and Drew Porter. Seven of the nine Panthers reached the championship match on their journey.

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